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What kind of an artist do you think I am? [Stolen from ming-zi

5 deviants said A Compassionate, Caring Artist - You are an artist who does what they can to help other people, even if it means putting down everything you're working on to help someone in need. Your art is great, but your heart is greater
4 deviants said An Improving Artist - Your talent is obvious, but it is not perfected. There are many things you can fix about your work, but that doesn't mean you aren't wonderful already
1 deviant said A Normal Artist - You are a typical, everyday artist who wants to do their best and I have neutral feelings about you as a person
No deviants said A "People's" Artist - You do what everyone WANTS you to do. You tend to work more on things everyone else wants than what you want to. If the community doesn't like it, neither do
No deviants said An "Idol" Artist - You are an artist I look up to, get inspiration from, and sometimes I wish I had your talent

Devious Comments

Loki-Megabyte Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I went with Improving Artist.I see a great deal of talent but it seems like sometimes your stuck with just doing the same thing(Which is probably why you got 1 on normal).Vary the expressive feel of each work a bit more.(dark is nice and cool but mix it up a bit)

I think i fall mainly on compassionate,caring artist,but also improving.I certainly not trying to be so kinda of Idol Artist,but if ppl like my stuff i'm cool with that.(Idol/people's artist tend to be ego based which i don't care for)

A true master is always honing their skills or techniques.
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