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The Sebitti by Following-The-Rabbit The Sebitti by Following-The-Rabbit
What have I been doing for the past couple months?
Well, this, for one thing.

This was a tattoo commission. Yeah, get this, someone wants something I drew on their body.
That's stressful as hell.

Basically they gave me a general concept, and told me to run with it. That being, the Sebitti. The wikipedia page for these minor gods is a sentence long. Google it.
So, I had a lot of liberty. I dug up all the information I could, and made this shit.
They really liked this, though, holy shit. It's gonna be crazy to see some form of this on their arm.

And yes, I'm selling stuff with this design on it:…


Commissions Info (Updated)Payment
Paypal. Always paypal. Ask me for my email via note.
To get put on my list, I ask for a small percentage of the full commission's price, normally $3 - $5 USD, depending on how much the piece costs. I ask for 50% before I start the sketch, and the rest of the payment can be sent before I start coloring. This way I don't have to worry about holding onto someone's money while I work on other commissions.
All prices are in USD, but if you'd like me to convert the price to a different currency, I'd be more than happy to.
I WILL draw
- OCs
- Canon characters
- Humans
- Furries
- Animals
- Gore
- Ecchi
- Backgrounds
- Pretty much anything under the sun
- You're the one paying me, mate; What you say goes.
Tips are not required, but very much appreciated
Tinted Paper Drawing

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