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Bands with clean vocals:

Band name: Midnattsol
Country: Norway
Description: Sugary sweet girly metal with excellent folky acoustic gutiars
Vocal style: Purely female vocals
Lyical themes: Fairy Tales, nautre, love
Language: English and some Norweigen
Buy: Where Twilight Dwells

Band name: Leaves' Eyes
Country: Norway/Germany
Description: 1st album was romantic gothic metal, 2nd is romantic norse symphonic metal
Vocal style: Sexy female vocals with some male growls
Lyical themes: Vikings, love
Language: English and some Norweigen
Buy: Vinland Saga

Band name: Lumsk
Country: Norway
Description: Very epic sounding with heavy melodic guitar riffs and folk instruments (violins, occasional flutes, etc).
Vocal style: Clean female and male
Lyical themes: Norse mythology
Language: Norwegian
Buy : Åsmund Fregdegjævar (this is a heavier, more complex album), Troll (this is lighter and catchier)
Website: [link]

Band name: Gáte
Country: Norway
Description: A folky Within Temptation
Vocal style: Clean female
Lyical themes: No idea, dotn speak Norweigen
Language: Norwegian
Buy :

Band name: Tenhi
Country: Finland
Description: Soft, dark and atmospheric shamanic neo-folk.  Metal in atmosphere, but not in sound.
Vocal style: Low slow male singing
Lyrical themes: Nature
Language: Finnish
Buy: Vare

Band name: Ars Amandi
Country: Spain
Description: "Castilian Rock": Folk Metal with clear male vocals, REALLY catchy choruses and traditional Middle Spanish instruments like Castilian Whistle and Dulzaina (Spanish version of the French horn). Lots of instrumental parts
Vocal style: Clear male vocals, not so broad register
Lyrical themes: Love, criticism of Spanish traditions (like bullfighting in Su Fiesta) and society in general
Language: Spanish
Buy: Autóctono

Band name: Mago De Oz
Country: Spain
Description: Heavy/Folk Metal with the best violinist in Metal and nice flute riffs
Vocal style: High-pitched male vocals, almost Power Metal-ish
Lyrical themes: Society (El Que Quiera Entender Que Entienda, La Costa Del Silencio), Spanish history and traditions (La Leyenda de La Mancha: Rock Opera about Don Quijote; FinisTerra: Rock Opera about St. Jacob's Way; Gaia: Rock Opera about the Conquest of the New World).
Language: Spanish
Buy: FinisTerra. DON'T buy: Mago de Oz, Belfast

Band name: Korpiklaani
Country: Finland
Description: Great folk metal with violin, accordian and flute
Vocal style: Male, very rough sounding
Lyical themes: Barbarians getting drunk and fighting with each other
Language: English, some Finnish
Buy: Both albums are great, maybe Voice of the Wilderness first

Band name: Cruachan
Country: Ireland
Description: Really Irish sounding folk metal
Vocal style: Male and female, sometimes growls
Lyical themes: Celtic and Irish things
Language: English
Buy: Not sure, sorry

Growly bands:

Band name: Finntroll
Country: Finland
Description: Hilarious, crazy and unique trollishness with a very atmospheric acoustic album
Vocal style: Trollish grunts, some drunken clean singing
Lyical themes: Trolls
Language: Swedish
buy: Nattfodd

Band name: Moonsorrow
Country: Finland
Description: Majestic, atmospheric, complex nordic metal.
Vocal style: Clean male choir and harsh growls and sometimes female vocals
Lyical themes: Norse mythology, vikings
Language: Finnish
Buy: Kivenkantaja

Band name: Amon Amarth
Country: Sweden
Description: Heavy melodic metal with great catchy guitar/drums
Vocal style: Male, very large burly growl
Lyical themes: Norse Mythology
Language: English, one or two songs in Swedish
Buy: All good, Versus the World and Fate of Norns are best

Band name: Ensiferum
Country: Finland
Description: Fast songs, catchy folk melodies, great vocals and awesome guitar playing.
Vocal style: Harsh and clean vocals, some viking chants
Lyical themes: Fantasy
Language: English and Finnish in one song
Buy: Iron

Band name: Thyrfing
Country: Sweden?
Description: Catchy heavy viking metal with good melodies
Vocal style: Male growls
Lyical themes: Vikings and their mythology
Language: Swedish and some English
Buy: Vansinnesvisor

Band name: Vintersorg
Country: Sweden
Description: Folk black metal with some clean vocals and growls
Vocal style: Male clean and growls
Lyical themes: Various folk metalish stuff
Language: Swedish and some English
Buy: Ödemarkens Son
Website: Official page no longer exists

Band name: Einherjer
Country: Norway
Description: Melodic viking metal with good vocals
Vocal style: Male growls
Lyical themes: Vikings and their mythology
Language: English and some Norweigen
Buy: Blot

Band name: Turisas
Country: Finland
Description: Bombastic choirs, epic fanfares. THIS is a real call to battle.
Vocal style: Harsh and clean vocals, viking chants
Lyical themes: Battle, war
Language: English
Buy: Battle Metal

Band name: Wintersun
Country: Finland
Description: ex-singer of ensiferum (Jari Mäenpää ). musical and fast.
Vocal style: Harsh vocal & viking singing. some clean vocal too.
Lyical themes: darkness, coldness, winter.
Language: English
Buy : Wintersun
Website: [link]

Band name: Woods of Ypres
Country: Vinland
Description: melodic black metal with folky acoustic guitar parts
Vocal style: standard harsh black metal vocals, clean male vocals, occasional female vocal
Lyical themes: mostly nature, some depressing stuff in there too *sniff*
Language: English
Buy : Pursuit of The Sun & Allure of The Earth
Website: [link]

Band name: Thorr's Hammer
Country: Norway/USA
Description: slow, heavy doom metal featuring Runnhild Gammelsæter (i think she was Isahn's girlfriend at some point) and Stephen O'Malley (Burning Witch, Khanate, Sunn0))), etc etc)
Vocal style: the most brutal fucking FEMALE vocals you will ever hear
Lyical themes: norway, nordic mythology
Language: norwegian
Buy: Dommedagsnatt
Website: [link]

Band name: Fortid
Country: Iceland
Description: Viking Metal.
Vocal style: harsh vocals and clean viking-ish vocals
Lyical themes: nordic mythology
Language: Icelandic, Old-Norse
Buy: Völuspa Part I
Website: none that i know

Band name: Asgard
Country: Vinland
Description: melodic viking/black metal with annoyingly low quality recordings
Vocal style: black-style growls, some clean male vocals
Lyrical themes: nordic mythology
Language: english
Buy: Cold Season
Web: none that i know

[If you are easily offended, be warned Hate Forest aren't big on Jews]
Band name: Hate Forest
Country: Ukraine
Description: very dark black metal, intermingled with ukrainian folk songs
Vocal style: deep male growling, groups of male and female voices singing the folk songs
Lyical themes: i'm not really sure... i don't speak ukrainian
Language: slavonic mythology, nietszchean philosophy
Buy: Battlefields
Website: none that i know of
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