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Welcome to Folklore and Fairytale. This group is very straightforward, as the name suggests, and is for sharing your folklore or fairytale art and finding work from others that you might be interested in.

Anything folklore or fairytale is welcome! Illustration of particular scenes from stories is especially encouraged, but art is also welcome which just has an element from folklore or fairytales to it (for example a mermaid or castle) as long as it is a full picture, not just an icon or character with no background.

If it's not obvious from the art or the title, please put something in the description of your piece about what folklore or fairytale the picture is from or it may be declined.

Please leave a comment if you'd like to suggest a new folder for the group. New folders will be added as the group gets submissions for folklore from different areas of the world.

Not supported by this group:
- unfinished pieces
- low quality/blurry scans
- photography
- photomanipulation
- 3D rendering
- abstract art

Please submit your best work :)

Gallery Folders

The Lost Shoe by ejbeachy
the white elk by snuapril01
Snow Queen with Kai. by snuapril01
The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Blumina
The voice of love by CristianoReina
card soldiers, painting roses red by snuapril01
How It Should Have Been - Cinderella by Porcelain-Requiem
Celtic and British Folklore
Kelpie by Zaronen
Song of the sea by zarielcharoitite
Pixies by CoalRye
The Children of Lir: Aoife by brightrobin
Scandinavian Folklore
Through the Looking Glass by Matakoura
Aleksanteri Kari by Matakoura
You may kiss the bride by Sceith-A
Exlibris  by Sceith-A
French and Germanic Folklore
Vieille Damoiselle by Sieskja
Baron von Munchausen by FairytalesArtist
Giselle and Wilis by snuapril01
The nail-smith's apprentice by akitku
Slavic Folklore
Leshiy by CoalRye
Sirin and Alkonost by CoalRye

Mature Content

The Vila by Chrissyissypoo19
Diabol by Sigarth
Japanese, Chinese and Korean Folklore
bewitching by Sceith-A
Spirited Away by Calmality
Les Cils du Loup by Sieskja
tale of 2sisters( korean ghost story) by snuapril01
Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian Folklore
Midsummer`s Eve Dance by Finglas
Saare paar/ Couple from Island by Finglas
Lets go to sauna! by Finglas
Children of the North by Finglas
South East Asian Folklore
How the new moon arises by FairytalesArtist
The Tales of the Goddess Geisha and the Dragon by FairytalesArtist
The battle with the man-eaters by FairytalesArtist
The Blue Lagoon by valloria
African Folklore
Mthunzi Tshomela ka Matsho by Matakoura
South American Folklore
North American Folklore
Fantasy Books Illustrated
The Heart of the Beast 19 by MadalynMcLeod
Creatures from fairytales and folklore
Queen of Autumn by MadalynMcLeod
Places from fairytales and folklore
Journey by knight-of-sand
Other fantasy
'Sometimes, I feel like I want to leave' by Sieskja
fables and myths
Liquid by LualaDy
To be sorted
Hello Folklore Fairy Tale people,

Unfortunately I haven't had time for a few months to properly admin this group. Is anyone interested in taking over for a while?


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Technically, it would be more logical to have Estonian with Finnish, not with Latvian and Lithuanian, since the Estonian people are Finno-Ugric. 
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