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Does a werewolf count as a species or a human? I'm just asking because I do have a werewolf character idea but I'm willing to do another creature if they count as the latter
Saw this and felt like brainstorming an Ikuchi (Japanese sea serpent that excretes an adhesive oil from its skin) bean. He'd be a lot smaller, though.
can i join this group?
Hi, I see you're new here! To begin with, this group is specifically for roleplaying! We have a set number of rules as to how to get in, including creating a character with which to collaborate with others on stories we create!

If you're looking for an art critique group or an art sharing group, you might want to check out Groups! They have all sorts of groups for you to look at and make sure you follow their rules. 
 i has a question,
what do the creatures at Forrest Haven
hunt, you know what do they target?
Hi, thanks for your comment!

Unfortunately, we aren't quite sure how to answer this question. The setting of this group is not forest-oriented, so we don't really have an answer for you.

Hope that helps!
i know its not forest oriented, i was just curious because they are heroes and are trying to save something.