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Skyrim Banded Iron Armor - final

By Folkenstal
Ok, so here's the banded iron armor. Finally done.
That was hard work, I hope it pays off :)

I think it looks quite good, it has a feeling of a real iron armor.
Not satisfied with a few things. Could have done it better, but I think it's still ok.
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oapdovahkiin's avatar
this armor looks awsome the use of color makes it look just like iron,love it
Awesome! Could you post a photo of the back side as well please?
Folkenstal's avatar
Oh, well no. I don't have it anymore and I didn't do much photos of it :/
JenniferO77's avatar
....How in the name of Vex if she was slightly friendly was a human able to make that?
varsaigen's avatar
The game armor might not be that good, but this recreation is amazing! I'd think it were battle-ready! Those straps are my favorite part. :P
Folkenstal's avatar
Yes, the protection isn't that high, but the design is nice :)
doodlemancerArt's avatar
Im drawing a SKyrim comic and Im trying to figure out how my character would put on his iron armor... I can see openings on the sides of the armor but the shoulder part appears to be joined together (according to the in-game assets) ... do you wear it by putting the armor over the head? If so, how would you get the arms in? (I don't imagine one would easily pry the armor open to slide the arms through the side openings)
Folkenstal's avatar
It's a two part armor, the front and back piece, yeah.
But leather pieces are holding the shoulders together :)
So, just open it like a book and put your head through, no problem.
ElisaLupo's avatar
how did you do??? : o
Folkenstal's avatar
well, with my hands? :)
ElisaLupo's avatar
sorry I wanted to ask what material you used :)
Folkenstal's avatar
I used Worbla for it :)
ElisaLupo's avatar
thank you for having responded to me;)
Folkenstal's avatar
hey, welcome. Why should I not :O
ZyPressQ's avatar
This is amazing - would you consider doing a painting tutorial of the metal? Im amazed by your tecnique and it would so cool if you could share some tips :)
Folkenstal's avatar
Yeah, when I do my next armor I can keep that in mind.
ZyPressQ's avatar
Thank you that would be awesome!
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JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Folkenstal's avatar
Hey, a fellow propmaker :)
DizzySpins's avatar
It looks amazing great job.
Gekroent's avatar
This is simply amazing!
Wish I could do such things.
Wow, just wow :)
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