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Happy Halloween by folgore2010
Mature content
Happy Halloween :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 134 12
Peachfication by folgore2010
Mature content
Peachfication :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 79 17
Haters gonna hate by folgore2010
Mature content
Haters gonna hate :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 89 6
Under the moon by folgore2010
Mature content
Under the moon :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 82 7
Sonic Misadventures Ch 17 Le Girls Time
Right now, many girls where reunited at one place thanks to someone RED asking them to react to some videos for references.
*Blaze's House*
''Why is he here again?'' Amy asked Blaze about Knuckles sitting on the couch.
''He was annoying, and this is the only way to make him settle down'' Blaze said.
''Cmon ladies don't be such downers, we are friends here reunited to watch some video while reacting to them'' knuckles said.
''If you throw a pie on me again, i will punch you Knuckles'' Rouge said.
"Hey now, that was only meant for Sonic" Knuckes explained, all of the girls then looked to the computer to see what they were going to react to today.
"Oi! What is the point of reacting to trailers?" Marine asked.
"Because it's fun and many youtubers do it, me and my friends did so and it was fun so why not try it with you ladies?" Knucks told Marine, but they looked to be not interested.
"I don't know, sounds boring to me" Blaze complained.
"It really just sounds like something only men do, l
:iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 1 0
The Big Pines Ch 14 Old Splash
After many adventures it was a less hot day so no one is melting yet. Mabel was back in the shack watching TV all by herself. Soos was fixing the air conditioner and Dipper was out on the town.
Mabel: Ahhh *sighs* Man this sucks. What is the point of all this anyway?
Her cute pig waddles shows up and is looking at her puzzled. She looks back at him and starts to talk.
Mabel: Oh waddles, what is the point of becoming so sexy if you can't get the guy of your dreams? *grabs his cheeks*
The lovable pig just offers oinks in response.
Mabel : *Sigh* you're a pig. you wouldn't understand. All you need to do is be cute and you'll get true affection.
Someone then knocks on the door. She lazily go to answer it and she sees is Tambry.
Tambry: Hey Mabs how you doing?
Mabel: I'm down.
Tambry: Why?
Mabel: I need a boyfriend. But I cant just go outside and yell "hey! who wants to be my boyfriend?"
Tambry: Of course you can, the boys would love it hehehe.
Mabel: They would love my boobs you mean.
:iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 2 0
Sonic Misadventures Ch 16 Reaction Time Baby!
It was Saturday afternoon and Right now, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles where reunited in Sonic's house to react to a bunch of Videos.
''Why are we doing this again?'' Sonic asked.
''Cmon Sonic! I need some people to help me react at some videos before i do it alone, so i can become an amazing Youtuber'' knuckles said.
''Why didn't you call Shadow?'' Tails asked.
''He is too busy playing his shooting games to care at something that has no shooting or whatever, now let's get our faces at the computer screen and record our reactions. Bet you guys never have time to react to things like your own games or anything else besides that'' The red dude smirks.
"As long as i'm not reacting to Sonic 06, last thing I need is more nightmares and more days in therapy" Sonic said.
"Oh come on, don't be a buzzkill man! I promise this will be very fun! And if you behave, I might show a sexy twerking video " Knuckles said and promised.
"Well you got my attention there" The blue blur said, knowing that he like
:iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 1 0
Testing Out The Twerkbox  Cody S Pov by folgore2010
Mature content
Testing Out The Twerkbox Cody S Pov :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 19 5
Testing the Gold by folgore2010
Mature content
Testing the Gold :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 12 2
Sonic Misadventures Ch 15 Cokelicious Chaos
A\N: Well what are the odds? I am back here posting some more fun Sonic adventures i hope you guys enjoy :) Sorry for taking so long i was taking a time out from this.
Co Writed by Darkemerald1999
One Month had passed since Tails Birthday that marked not just his moment to adulthood but also his Crush on Amy Rose to be real, now everyone was just doing their own thing right now and who knows if it will blow up in their faces or not
*Knuckles House*
The boxing glove wearer was on his basement with what look like to be a big cauldron as he was wearing a witch hat, yep Haloween was getting by and he was feeling extra spooky.
''Man! I can't wait to see what their reactions will be after i show this to them, it sure will scare them off''
He said getting a bunch of cans from a substance and them pouring some on it.
But while that Echidna was messing around with what he was not suppose to, Sonic was back Home watching the new episodes of Boku
:iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 0 0
Mature content
Super Luigi World Ch 8 Thats a Big Goomba :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 3 0
Total Lady Drama Island Ch 13 Total Halloween 1
Co Writed by Wolvenstron
Everyone was doing their own business in the cabins...until one by one they found themselves upended as a sack was placed over them.
Naturally they all began to panic and thrash about in the heavy burlap sacks. The panic increasing as they felt themselves being dragged across the ground. They heard the others paniking along side them
"What the hell is going on?'!' Heather demanded.
"Whoevers doing this is hearing from my attorney." Threatened you know who.
"Let me out! This bag is super itchy!" Lindsay moaned.
''This isn't funny!'' Emma complained
''How can we be getting kidnapped!? We're on international TV!'' Zoey said
She got her answer when the dragging stopped. As suddenly as they found themselves in them, they were upended again and their potato sack were whipped off of them. Leaving them seated in front of the dock of shame where their oh so gracious host was standing in front of a roaring fire holding a jack-o-lantern. All around them t
:iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 5 4
Mature content
The Big Pines Ch 13 Lebam Time :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 2 0
Cody Beach by folgore2010
Mature content
Cody Beach :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 28 8
A Very Intrusting Show by folgore2010 A Very Intrusting Show :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 8 2 TLDI Island by folgore2010 TLDI Island :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 7 9


Charlotte Pickles big boobs - COMMISSION by VanillaDream34
Mature content
Charlotte Pickles big boobs - COMMISSION :iconvanilladream34:VanillaDream34 37 1
Halloween Specimen 8_near completion by wsache2020
Mature content
Halloween Specimen 8_near completion :iconwsache2020:wsache2020 169 10
Commission for Soll-DenneGallery 9 by codylake Commission for Soll-DenneGallery 9 :iconcodylake:codylake 46 7 I can show you the world in a different light by SLB-CreationS
Mature content
I can show you the world in a different light :iconslb-creations:SLB-CreationS 155 8
''Don't tell your dad'' by SLB-CreationS
Mature content
''Don't tell your dad'' :iconslb-creations:SLB-CreationS 161 14
Gay Witch and her Cat by Girkirby Gay Witch and her Cat :icongirkirby:Girkirby 33 0 Gay Witch and her Cat 2 by Girkirby Gay Witch and her Cat 2 :icongirkirby:Girkirby 39 2 66 by pygpyg 66 :iconpygpyg:pygpyg 6 0 136 by pygpyg 136 :iconpygpyg:pygpyg 10 0 Lapis in Leia's Slave Outfit by Cartoonsaur
Mature content
Lapis in Leia's Slave Outfit :iconcartoonsaur:Cartoonsaur 85 4
Mei's Scary Pumpkins by Drawsputin Mei's Scary Pumpkins :icondrawsputin:Drawsputin 46 9 Speechless by maxtlat
Mature content
Speechless :iconmaxtlat:maxtlat 97 5
Sexy Amy Rose with Big Boobs by VanillaDream34
Mature content
Sexy Amy Rose with Big Boobs :iconvanilladream34:VanillaDream34 123 7
(Collab) Empress and Bubblegum by Denizen14 (Collab) Empress and Bubblegum :icondenizen14:Denizen14 75 4 Chi-chi`s farm by AaronBroscli Chi-chi`s farm :iconaaronbroscli:AaronBroscli 114 27




Ok you guys who are fans of Shooting games with Zombies...What you guys think about Zombeer?
If you could fuse two total drama girls....Who would they be and how they would look? Also personality.

Hahaha i tried searching it and i mostly find out Total drama characters as GEMS fusing....Dint see that coming
Good morning guys. Does Anyone know a good Undertale Fanfic that is more of a combination between Cute and Serious?
HEY THERE GUYS! Everyone who is a total drama fan and wants more seasons here is a chance of maybe coming back for more.…

Sure petitions are no life savers but they allow a chance
What is the best Training Regimen you ever saw on a anime?
If i had to choose Nine Total drama girls to be my harem i would choose.

Zoey,Anne Maria and Carrie.

What would YOU choose?
Hey Guys would you all tell me your opinions on What you think of the fanfics of Cartoon World Challenge or Sonic Misadventures? i would like to hear anything you have to say at all about every fic i have here even bad ones.
What do you guys think about Captions? Like posting a pic of a normal scene from anything and in the description i make a funny short conversation and you can make another one too in example for the one you saw.
Raise your hand if you see yourself in Waluigi

Watch To the end
We did have five seasons plust the ridonculous race spin off, they also made that funny version of daycare. I say good bye to total drama as these words i saw.

Tom McGillis, stating about the show's future:

"Nope. Sorry to be a dreamkiller, but there's no market for this experience in the wider entertainment marketplace right now. There's a series called Drawn Together which inspired us when we created that show and it was an amazing parody of Big Brother, so we decided to make our own version of that show for younger kids. However, our kids grew up and went on to other things. So there is no market for a show like this right now in my opinion. And that's okay, we just needed to create something special and different for newer audiences of varying age groups."

I took a look at the internet about Super Bowl rings and...Wow they are beautiful and their design makes me feel like they just came out of a Dark souls game or something.
Anyone Here is ready for the series Big Mouth Season 2 ?
Burakku Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei

After three movies and a spin off series i was not ready for this :D

Ok How many of you have palyed State of Decay 2 ?

Resident Evil 4, Uncharted and Skyrim. Those are the games that we can find things like treasures,artifacts and jewerly like Gold,silver and gems. Quite awesome if i so say myself, Anyone knows a game like that?
Has your Favorite Franchise ever felt RUINED because of the dark side of their own fandom?
I deleted my old Story called Sleepwalking since one chapter or two was deleted becase of DA then again it was not that amazing, but still cmon that was low! Now the story is being rewrited as From Geek to Stud on as a new American Dad fanfic.…


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I am just a guy who Love cartoons that make me laugh and have a total awesome plot history with characters that we love. Also like games,movies and series i like so much stuff i cant say all of it :D

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