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Zen Hawk, Lucky Squirrel

As this hawk was relaxing on a big branch, A curious little squirrel climbed closer to investigate.

Although the hawk made a bit of a move at the squirrel, it did not look interested in a fight, or a meal.

The hawk wanted to be left alone and go back to its meditation.

It turned out to be a lucky day for the squirrel, who went away unharmed after a few seconds.
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3603x2715px 7.5 MB
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1/1250 second
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220 mm
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Date Taken
May 17, 2021, 7:01:43 AM
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Red tail or common buzzard?

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It is hard to tell a cooper's hawk from a sharp-shinned hawk and I am pretty sure it is one of the two. It is a juvenile, that I am certain, that was probably hatched last summer.

Judging from a few tips I know, it is more likely a Juvenile Cooper's hawk than the other but, I am not certain. Thanks for stopping by.

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Great shot!

About a year ago I saw a hawk sitting on a light pole in a parking lot minding its own business when a mocking bird started trying to chase it away, for like 15-20 minutes. The mocking bird would land on the pole maybe a foot away from the hawk and squawk at it then dive bomb it. The hawk would only occasionally look at the mocking bird but otherwise didn't budge. Then a crow showed up and started harassing the hawk. Didn't take long after that for the hawk to finally fly off with the crow chasing it.

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Yes, birds of prey often attract the attention of other birds. Their presence is a threat to them and specially their young ones. I've seen many times birds of different species ganging up on a hawk. They usually do nothing more than annoy the bird until it flies away.

Being bigger than most other birds, crows can be a bit more intimidating to hawks and make them leave much quicker.

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That moment when your dinner walks right up to you but you're not hungry 😭😭

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"It's over, Squirrel! I have the high ground!"

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