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Welcome to the FoKHF

Things submitted to the Featured Folder are subject to an admin vote. The admins aren't all that active, so please submit things to the correct folder - all other folders accept your deviations automatically.

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Greetings, DeviantART members, and welcome to the Future of Kingdom Hearts Faction.

The FoKHF was originally founded on in September of 2008. We formed as a group, known as a "faction" on GT, that is dedicated to the unification of dedicated Kingdom Hearts fans. We promote communication, news, artistic expression, and more between our many members. On GT alone, we have roughly 1,000 members. In our efforts to provide as many features and options to our members as possible, we spread out from GT, changing our faction into a true network of its own. Members can now enjoy our forums, blog, and home on GameTrailers, discuss music and listen to the FoKHF Radio on, get news updates on Twitter, see plenty of new KH footage on YouTube, join other members on Facebook for updates and discussions, and even set up games on Steam. We even host a FoKHF Gaming Night programme, in which PS3 and PC players are able play various online multiplayer games together.

Part of our expansion involved the creation of the FoKHF Graphic Design Team, a sub-organisation within the FoKHF that operates under TrueRandomnessGT. In order to further push our goal of uniting true KH fans and promoting artistic expression, the FoKHF has now spread its wings to DeviantART. We will be hosting our own content on here, and we would love for talented Deviants to join our network and help to make our community even stronger and more expressive.

We would like to open our arms to the KH Deviants as the newest branch of our community. We hope that you have plenty of fun as part of the Future of Kingdom Hearts Faction, and we would love to have your support. Thank you!

Find us around the web:
YouTube Channel
:bulletblack: Folder cleanup underway, re-organizing. Things submitted to the wrong category are subject to be removed from the group at any time w/out warning. Things are being moved out of Featured into proper folders. If they look good enough to stay in the Featured folder they may or may not be copied out into appropriate folders, as well. So if you see something of yours in two folders, don't be confused there. Only the -first- chapter of fanfiction can go in the Featured Folder, all others have been moved. Nearly the same goes with comics: the first/title page can stay there, otherwise, it stays only if it's a colored/two page/special submission. I know you put a lot of time and effort into your comics, just don't submit all your pages at the same time. From now on you can submit any page you like when you feel it's a key page, otherwise, there is now a folder dedicated to comics... and Ask Blog submissions. If your submission is a mini masterpiece but still part of an Ask Blog-related submission, it's welcome in the featured folder. Otherwise, you have a folder now.

:bulletblack: New Folders: As mentioned above, there is now a Comic/Meme/Ask Blog folder. There is also now a folder for MMD/Renders, too. If more folders are needed, suggest them?

:bulletblack: Reminder of the last update: Two submissions allowed daily, all folders but Featured automatically approve your deviations. Be sure not to break any deviantART rules.

:bulletblack: Once more... there are limitations on the Featured Folder!
You can submit -anywhere- but the Featured folder and it will be automatically approved without needing a vote. Only submit your best work to the Featured folder. Traces, renders, MMD shots, actual screenshots, poor cosplay photography, and anything eyeballed or based off of official art, including the manga, won't be approved.

Just because you added a speech bubble to a screenshot, it doesn't make it Feature-worthy. So you can redraw a panel from the manga, good for you, but why don't you try doing that without looking at the page at all instead of eyeballing it? It doesn't take skill or talent to trace or eyeball a near exact copy of something, so no, these things won't be getting into the Featured folder. They can go anywhere else. If you want that stuff in the group, you're welcome to submit it anywhere but the Featured folder.

To be totally clear, the Featured Folder is for something that hits at least two of three of the following: Creativity, Originality, Technical Skill. You can creatively do something that's been done before (making your piece unoriginal in concept only ie- recreating a scene from the game from memory, or, just drawing a character in general), but it must have technical skill. You can make something original that isn't very creative, like a Mary Sue (no, we're not judging, we hope you hit all three of the above and make a really awesome fandom OC), but have plenty of technical skill. Or you can make something original and creativity but suck at drawing (no real technical skill). Putting forth an artistic effort is what's important.

:bulletblack: Things submitted to the Featured Folder that don't belong there will be redirected to an appropriate folder from now on.
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Thanks to all of our dedicated affiliates!


Adorable Princess (KH3) by goaty0000 Adorable Princess (KH3) :icongoaty0000:goaty0000 27 12 Aqua KH:BBS by angelaxiii Aqua KH:BBS :iconangelaxiii:angelaxiii 50 4 Icarus Keyblade by AydanADub1863 Icarus Keyblade :iconaydanadub1863:AydanADub1863 1 0 Master Keyblade by AydanADub1863 Master Keyblade :iconaydanadub1863:AydanADub1863 4 3 Sora Ultra Forms by Nightrizer Sora Ultra Forms :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 323 25 [Request] Youta Yuma by BakApple [Request] Youta Yuma :iconbakapple:BakApple 15 5 KINGDOM HEARTS by Irene-Rodriguez KINGDOM HEARTS :iconirene-rodriguez:Irene-Rodriguez 410 54 Extreme Makeover: Tower Edition!! by Jhonny-Manic Extreme Makeover: Tower Edition!! :iconjhonny-manic:Jhonny-Manic 102 44 nostalgia by illbewaiting nostalgia :iconillbewaiting:illbewaiting 3,807 0 Kairi Cosplay by UltySo Kairi Cosplay :iconultyso:UltySo 10 13 Org 13 practice...wait...what? by ReyJJJ Org 13 practice...wait...what? :iconreyjjj:ReyJJJ 7 0 Modder Crisis! by ReyJJJ Modder Crisis! :iconreyjjj:ReyJJJ 76 7 Canterlot Kingdom Key by ReyJJJ Canterlot Kingdom Key :iconreyjjj:ReyJJJ 151 31 Sora 3D Dream Drop Distance ( Black and White ) by TatiMoonS Sora 3D Dream Drop Distance ( Black and White ) :icontatimoons:TatiMoonS 48 24 Trio Wallpaper Kingdom Hearts style Adventure Time by Inyor Trio Wallpaper Kingdom Hearts style Adventure Time :iconinyor:Inyor 44 10 Terra Kingdom Hearts style Adventure Time by Inyor Terra Kingdom Hearts style Adventure Time :iconinyor:Inyor 15 3
We'll pick the best from our collection and Feature it here!!

Organization XIII is watching...

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NOPE MEME HAHA I NEED A LIFE by Darkoala23ucalyptus
Forever a Cockblock by wingedlight
Demyx Time 14 by DoroDRR

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We welcome you to the DeviantART group for the Future of Kingdom Hearts Faction on
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