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Secret Santa: catnipsoup
"Hey, you leaving?" Sol's coworker, an Andorian named Toran, suddenly stepped up behind him, "It's already twenty after 1800 hours.  I've been waiting to close things down."
"Right," the Vulcan still hard at working shot upwards, revealing his full six foot two lanky frame, which Svaan always teased him about for being short for their specie.
He stiffly gathered up his PADD and stuffed it into his shoulder bag.
"Kid, what are you doing," Toran placidly stared at Sol, with a slightly condescending demeanor.
Sol refrained from correcting Toran about calling him "kid" since Toran was five years younger than him.  Most people would guess that Toran was older, since he grew up on a rough Andorian colony; while Sol spent his youth on Vulcan letting his mother refine him into being "the perfect Vulcan."  Instead, she ended got a shaky adolescent with a boyfriend and a confused outlook of his future.
"I was going to complete this design at home so I could go over
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TOS Music Meme: KS
Leggy Blonde Flight of the Conchords
I killed him with my own hands.
On the red sands of my home world, I killed him. I look down at these hands and I am utterly disgusted. Disgusted with myself and my weakness. I had been hoping (hoping, how repulsively illogical) that the Fever would not hit me, that my human blood would save me from the madness. Needless to say, that illogical hoping did not save myself, or Jim--;oh, Jim!--;from the unforgiving reality of my own failings...
Every day I would look across the bridge and practically feel your illogical and frustratingly human emotions emanate from you. You were the embodiment of everything Vulcan society frowned upon. We were contradictions, you and I. You reveled in the joy of life, while I tried to find sanction in logic. You made decisions with your heart, while I kept to the seeming infallibility of my mind. I did everything in my power to keep my distance from you, to be a true Vulcan.
None of that matters now
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DS9 Music Meme: Trial of Garak
Invisible Modest Mouse
       The Defiant disappeared into the vast looming darkness of Cardassian territory and the chase commenced.  Dax spun around to face Sisko.  He pondered his choices momentarily and weighed his options, but he didn't have time for a full analysis of the situation.
       "Follow him," he instructed her.
       The Rio Grande shot into space towards Cardassia Prime.
       O'Brien checked the scans, "I can trace the warp signature, despite the cloaking device."
       Garak wasn't as invisible as he thought he thought he was.  His ship wasn't going to hide him.  The Rio Grande sped after the Defiant into forbidden territory, but Sisko knew they were both outliers here.
       A Cardassian war vessel showed on
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Bajoran Earring by FoilFaerie Bajoran Earring :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 9 19 Desktop Screenshot by FoilFaerie Desktop Screenshot :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 3 0
A Hipster Enterprise Incident
Spock was sure of everything in life.  He sat at the lunch table with his friends from physics.  However, they were more of acquaintances that spent all their time together than friends.  Second period physics did everything together.  They took all AP classes, and they had been together since freshman year.  They didn't enjoy high school like most adolescents; rather they found the most logical way to get through it.  They worked all the time.  Physics and other sciences were all they ever talked about.
Spock went through each day in these classes, comforted by his acceptance among these people, which he had been unsure about in middle school.  He had found his place within the social steppes of Federation High.  Everything fit into place at this school.  
Then the unthinkable happened.  Spock was called to meet with the guidance councilor, Christopher Pike, on a June day, tow
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My Life is Made of Books by FoilFaerie My Life is Made of Books :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 5 13 Chekachu colored by FoilFaerie Chekachu colored :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 12 8 Spock Chibi COLORED by FoilFaerie Spock Chibi COLORED :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 7 5
Paper Reality
Paper Reality
Paper girl         stuck
In the real world
The end of it all
Greets me now
Never thought
New York which beckoned me
Would become a reality
Too simple so
I enter the Paper World
And it all fades to Paper because
Nothing is real in a Paper World
Made for me:
A Paper Girl
Where my mind leads me
All the important people mean nothing
In a Paper World
Reality shirks
From my spirit
Untamed as a wolf
Vitality and soul soaring suddenly
Now that I left that sullen place-
Known as life as you know it-
And entered
The Paper Town
No two hearts beat the same
In a Paper Town
And every place has its own name
In a Paper Town
So forever I will be
In a Paper Town
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Dev ID by FoilFaerie Dev ID :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 2 7 FoilFaerie Starfleet ID by FoilFaerie FoilFaerie Starfleet ID :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 5 2 NEROSHRIMP by FoilFaerie NEROSHRIMP :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 30 45 How the Vulcan Stole Christmas by FoilFaerie How the Vulcan Stole Christmas :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 5 17 Starfleet Shrinky Dinks by FoilFaerie Starfleet Shrinky Dinks :iconfoilfaerie:FoilFaerie 14 26

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Vote for the winners of my contest at :icontheromcom:!  Also, I'm going to be away for a couple of days if I don't respond to your messages right away.

Pointless meme stolen from... someplace I can't remember.

1. Icheb
2. Q
3. Q Junior
4. Wesley Crusher
5. Dick Grayson
6. Robin Lefler
7. Riker
8. Spock
9. Wally West (Kid Flash)
10. Janeway

1. 9 (Wally) is taking a simple stroll through the park. Suddenly a large bear trap ensares 9 (Wally)'s leg. Don't ask how it got there it just did. 7 (Riker) and 5 (Dick) just so happen to be around. What do they do?

Riker: Here son, let me help you there *uses lumberjack strength to lift him out and pedosmiles at Wally.

Dick: You didn't hack the motion sensors.

2. 3 (Q2) and 1 (Icheb) decide that maybe they should have a child together. If they did what would it look like?

asdfljafdsjk.  Q would turn into a girl and they would have boring Q finger sex, and then there would be a little girl, and Icheb would make her wear ugly sweaters just like his, and she would have two different eye colors, IDK why.

3. 10 (Janeway) has magically shrunk down into the size of a pea. Sucks to be him (*coff* HER) because he's stuck on the kitchen floor. A gaint Cockroach then approaches him, and is not looking to friendly. What does 10 do?

Dazzles him with her sexy voice.

4. 8 (Spock), 6 (Robin), 4 (Wesley), and 2 (Q) are all dressed up like lady gaga and are dancing to bad romance. What do the others have to say about this.

Poor Icheb would be so confused, but the others would take it in stride.

5. 3 (Q2) decides to tango with a does that go.

Fantastically. He's a Q, ergo he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

6. 4 (Wesley) can now run really fast now. He somehow ran so fast he flew off into outer space. 4, how does it feel to be you?


7. 7 (Riker) and 8 (Spock) were going to get some ice cream when suddenly 5 (Dick) fell off a 20 story building. He lands on 7 (Riker) and kills him. 8 (Spock) begins to cry and vomit while 5 (Dick) is laughing with joy. Then 3 (Q2) bust out of police car that just passed by the ice cream shop. 3 (Q2) has an armed weapon and accidently kills 2 (Q) who was just walking by. 1 (Icheb) then decides to throw thousands of ice cream scopes at 3 (Q2), hoping to distract him. 3 (Q2) falls and cracks his head open. While 3 is bleeding to death, 2 comes back from the dead and starts making out with 3. 9 (Wally West) joins in on the fun because he was watching this from the other side of the street. 4 (Wesley) is sitting in the middle of the street, and biting his toe nails. 10 (Janeway) this story true?

Janeway: Well, parts of it.  Riker and Spock were getting ice cream together while fangirling over Kirk.  Dick would fall off a building and survive.  He's Robin.  Riker died.  Spock did not exhibit any emotions.  That was Q Jr. trying to spice up the story, but Spock is a Vulcan who barely knew Riker.  Q Jr. killing Q is Q Jr propaganda again.  And the rest is bullshit, except for Wally joining and Wesley biting his toe nails.  Yet, how would I know?  I'm stuck in the Delta quadrant.  

8. Was that last question painful?


9. If 1 (Icheb) was mashed potatoes what would 10 (Janeway) spoon over them?

Kathy's too classy for mash potatoes.

10. 2 (Q) is ranting about *insertcontroversialtopichere*. Suddenly people start throwing bricks at them. What do the other characters do?

Join in.  Though Q would just snap himself out of the situation.

11. 5 (Dick) has just won the best prize ever! A walk across the sun. Do they enjoy it?

Dick: Wait…what?

12. 9 (Wally),5 (Dick),3 (Q2) are stuck in a burning house that has kerosene, napalm, and other various flammable objects. What do the 3 of them do?

Dick would acrobat his way out, and then light it on fire with his explosives from his utility belt which he never leaves the house without.  Q would just snap and free himself.  Wally would team up with Dick and sprint out.

13. The world is going to end tomorrow. A black hole is going to suck up the earth in 24 hours. What does everyone do?

Q would watch the rest of them scramble around trying to find some red matter, while he would just get rid of it at the last possible second.  Humans should be studied under distress *Q shrug*

14. I'M JUST KIDDING! It was one huge hoax. How do you feel now guys?


15. Yeah that was from family guy...whatcha gonna do 1 (Icheb)?

TO THE ASTROMETRICS LAB, while Q-Ball hits on me.  And I hate family guy.

16. 4 (Wesley) is taking a bath but Freddy Kreugar kills him/her. 5 (Dick) walks in and see's 4 (Wesley's) dead. Suddenly 5 is in a nightmare and Freddy is about to kill them. What is going through 5's mind?

Dick: Oh shit.  Infinite crisis.

17. 2 (Q) hears about this on the news while babysitting 2 little kids. Can you guess what's going to happen?

Q would freak out, because he sucks with kids.  So he would go running to Janeway or Picard, depending what mood he's in.

18. YEP MICHAEL MYERS SHOWS UP AND KILLS 2 (Q)! Turns out it was secretly 10 (Janeway) though. 10 what do you have to say for yourself?

Janeway has been waiting a long time to do that, never mind that he is immortal and omnipotent.

19. Then Jason shows up and kills 10 (Janeway)...YAY who's happy?


20. The other slasher villains sit in the corner and weep because I didn't think of using them. Does anyone care about their feelings?

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