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114 firefox vs chrome

for a weekly contest at
topic-browser wars
Adobe Photoshop cs3

It has a lot of errors that i could have avoided, but i was too lazy for that

OMG. Thank you all 9GAGers for making this picture so pupular. I love you guys. Here it is a "gift" i made for you- [link]

Sorry my english
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Do you know that this picture is being used by some sites which post news about browsers?
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Hi, thanks for the comments. I sorta know. This image was featured in 9Gag, and gained a lot of popularity, since then. Sometimes i see it used in some sites and blogs, but i don't mind it.
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I use firefox sooooo..........
The-Ace-Knight's avatar
This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! (CHROME FTW)
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omg this is so cool o:
loved it so much its now my in browser background
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WOW! thank you so much!!
sorry about cutting of the signature, the addon im using to create custom backgrounds loves to chop off random sections of images, but it works.
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that would be a tough battle.
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Um dude I think someone stole your artwork here on DA
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this is so epic O.o
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Saw this in a meme, looks it up here

second result XD

Looks epic!
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Firefox 22 used Fire Blast! It's super effective! *electric crackling*
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I dunno who should win. I use Internet Explorer. :D
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A god vs. a super computer...who will win
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Chrome all the way-

I just cant deal with firefoxes BS addons slowing it down.
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As seen on Failblog!

As soon as I saw this on Failblog, I knew it had to be from this site. Awesome job; this is so epic, I could stare at it for hours imagining the battle that's about to ensue!
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Oh i didn.t know this picture was on failblog, Thank you so much for noticing me!
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Epic !!! #TeamChrome ^^
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