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Here you are lot of great photography from my faves.. i will be glad if you like my choise..

Litle silhuette by Floriandra reflection light by dozhdlivaya portrait of a fisherman by oscarsnapshotter Nowhere Near by monstermagnet
run by kutscha Dance Revolution 5 by mehmeturgut :thumb103660117: :thumb103955061:
gosia by Gewof :thumb103592205: :thumb49987624: :thumb104199165:
swept away by Never-let-me-go :thumb99339691: 4 Kids by greatanin :thumb103101792:
Raw Geometry by jaiyen untitled p-016 by Redswimmer g53 by stefa-zozokovich oe by stefa-zozokovich
R.I.P. C.M.O.T. 2 by bQw 140... by feryal In the Museum5 by cahilus playground by smidka
n.5 by frida-vl :thumb65018834: :thumb21197879: :thumb102583423:
:thumb96069019: :thumb92758816: :thumb100409256: ALONE by Braq
:thumb65996953: :thumb25220315: gardiennage by cahilus Last Round Up by photocrafter
Iceland on the road by Breznik-The-Other Iceland in the evening by Breznik-The-Other Falling by kalenisis street photography 33 by felixlu
:thumb73324189: sans cible1 by cahilus sigur by ssuunnddeeww encore une by cahilus
savoir vivre by RaMiBru No way by zlty-dodo Untitled8 by pamelaz introspection by NuclearSeasons
0323 by ucmorlale maybe later... by Maagdalenka :thumb99285546: :thumb98143747:
The Birds by ladymonroe Back to Black vol.1 by KRRISHwTrampkach :thumb100257169: :thumb101208900:
:thumb98578906: from the shell by prismes WC by aprelka omaha dance by ThreeLibras
Power And Weakness by sexties 50 by metindemiralay Basement Track by micheleyong pozar mysli by parejka
Rain with Love by widjita Axel by NOSTARWARS for the love of the game 2 by jaysu 1000 words. by incredi
:thumb88338424: :thumb77082445: neverending story by ElectronCloud :thumb496467:
Breakfast by WrappedUpInBooks P 03 by metindemiralay
ct btl . . . II by mehmeturgut

Mature Content

cry havoc by scottchurch
:thumb93463513: silence by prismes ajjrj by stefa-zozokovich :thumb98951766:
Sakuran. II by zemotion :thumb92221950: :thumb96143978: :thumb98074849:
:thumb93663521: Bride 5 by aprelka Sashenjka and Dasha by aprelka :thumb99019173:
butterfly jail in solar fields by shamanski :thumb91348846:

Mature Content

StudioStudy on 645  I by the35mmstudio
2062008_tombent autour de by Lytune
A suspended time... by sexties 37 by stefa-zozokovich Contemplation by kosmobil :thumb31922697:
dead house 8 by aykanozener Hidden by larafairie :thumb70649855: sergey by PYFF
dima by stefa-zozokovich :thumb97485464: Ali2 by Elrisha
ll by stefa-zozokovich :thumb73326154: Savage Earth Heart 6 by hakanphotography :thumb98460998:
justyna_bw_02 by hellwoman :thumb98404676: 57i by stefa-zozokovich :thumb98300610:
bonnie and clyde 6 by ohyouhandsomeDevil NEXT ROUND by DRIVINGYOU Under Bridge by bjorntoday Smokey Ina by avivi
:thumb94116877: qet by stefa-zozokovich :thumb98105158: M by dargeg
:thumb73360931: Not Falling Apart by arhcamt :thumb91848994: To have friends by florapudelkova

apart by nikosalpha :thumb103764069: black white by ugurers :thumb85291213: :thumb102553680:
:thumb100182533: Lost by Fralja3 Her Ardent And Eager Slave 4 by hakanphotography a deviation with that title by leocavallini :thumb97550826:
High Hopes by Sarachmet :thumb89705010: slide away ii. by angelcurls :thumb101653866: :thumb93494982:
Flying Elephants by ElifKarakoc The Forest Alternate by HisHalfElf and forget the rest... by Maagdalenka

Mature Content

Hana09 by Cartien

Mature Content

room '609' _ 2 by j-nny

x 06 by metindemiralay Echo by sikali NEVER by metindemiralay your vampire by Chibasenka magick by hollyjools
xtime by xyour :thumb80799925: Varya 5 by aprelka moment by zeyneparkok :thumb77776799:
:thumb93126453: Lisa_8 by elendill :thumb15144017: :thumb45404704:
35 by bluecut you're not me by RidgeviewxKid Beduk Dance Revolution II by mehmeturgut Verunja 1 by aprelka Spain ::3 by MisterKey
:thumb61259250: dokuluyorum by siyahtapot :thumb84490266: :thumb83661097:
:thumb79259507: Tenderness by Katarinka Hulya magazine III by mehmeturgut tate by garden-of-nightmares me to by liss-k
:thumb71878403: Walk down under by Okonsten Theres bigger things than you by Okonsten Jim by DeBally :thumb99215200:
:thumb99310492: SK 00 by metindemiralay totally yours by Lucem reflections by Lucem :thumb86710152:
Ferrara ::1 by MisterKey :thumb99048022: nereye ki... by psyckoze :thumb98955901: :thumb39574632:
:thumb98680153: Attracted to Light No2 by justeline MX 17 by metindemiralay summer rain - new by Lucem
33 by bluecut Untitled by Seb-z Tired of hangin' around by eX-Perience :thumb96596668: :thumb97316730:

The Gunner's Dream by miamojolene make it mine. by nrprtm Swamp Things Series II by Pixydream .Tainted Us. by HomeBass
Happily Never After by jteh wasted little djs. by angelcurls :thumb103709033: :thumb103583511:
Valencia ::10 by MisterKey chance by tyhopho Pity and fear by krmenxa Three two one by juliatrotti
:thumb102998706: Leaving by MartinStranka :thumb102893535: icyU by the35mmstudio
:thumb102842023: Clochard Chique: Tramp by Nicolas-Henri 56 by heyyyydude Jump by DarkMetaphor
Mr Szczebiot by P0RG solaris... by Yokofashion :thumb102677561: :thumb66734521:
foggy road by leenik the dancers by grevys C H A I R S by lady-iguana Urban Idiots + BSEcrew 2 by derJake
Leave - Don't by ennil HATE by caught-cartooning :thumb98566579: a road to my thoughts .. by CanDaN
:thumb96919143: :thumb102334285: 221 by DesiJ :thumb94862235:
Betty by ThisFairyTale :thumb96014062: :thumb96050628: :thumb101788251:
katrin 90-01 by suo-me Modern 002 by brenz89 Enjoying life... by BrokenStairway Untitled 10 by kazakchoc
The Reds: One by HisHalfElf rocio by molokolo :thumb99348267: untitled. by BlackDennie
Shadows by tju-tjuu Flamehaired by Silecia Morning coffee by danny-lad :thumb98371936:
CBL - Study CLV by pedroinacio :thumb85661653: :thumb89823944: :thumb94302683:
vvm by Santina San Jose by celuloide :thumb96973760: Istanbul ::3 by MisterKey
Valencia ::2 by MisterKey katrin 70-01 by suo-me Crops UPDATE by P0RG Inner Ballance by MeisterDesZirkuss
:thumb100182117: Perfect day by modjojojo Goodbye Desolate Railyard by Nighthaze Dissonance by MeisterDesZirkuss
lost in the grass by P0RG Valencia ::8 by MisterKey :thumb101067387: At First Glance. by JaquelineVanek
:thumb48930010: :thumb100727422: serj by suo-me front bokeh ID by chuckhead
:thumb100618955: :thumb100078408: :thumb96017837: Corridor by Aloisov
FROZEN by isabellatid :thumb100450839: city of a blinding hope by cosanameimagi rrrrr by Brungilda
hydra. by mute-nOface Inside-Outside another by FredG :thumb79125757: The little pear girl... by Yokofashion
Parisienne Walkways No. 5 by AgenttSmith :thumb74202810: stacys by chuckhead the charm is gone by chuckhead
rengi by uniquealim :thumb70878155: When It Falls by MartinStranka :thumb79865454:
:thumb96577825: :thumb54997853: :thumb54774072: :thumb100322361:
:thumb48348988: :thumb62573985: :thumb70557078: :thumb99691458:
:thumb98686994: :thumb87551336: :thumb98838270: :thumb98585861:
:thumb92730304: :thumb98453985: :thumb91476255: :thumb95443325:
:thumb91551929: :thumb95399977: :thumb97903645: :thumb87956704:


:thumb104203913: :thumb103226950: :thumb104203298: :thumb103100654:
:thumb103306856: :thumb103857776: :thumb102750392: :thumb102559039:
:thumb99699314: :thumb98122838: :thumb101297782: :thumb103479632:
:thumb94745044: :thumb103406294: :thumb103107086: :thumb102346197:

:thumb103961586: :thumb103399324: :thumb101456501: :thumb100639604: :thumb99792645:

:thumb103956194: :thumb101202409: :thumb100829812: :thumb98678821:
© 2008 - 2021 fogke
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thank you for having me up there! :D :D
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little late comment, but still thank you :D
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Great article!!
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Tak todle je nejlepší featuring kterej jsem tady kdy viděla! Užasný skvělý nádherný bez chyby!!!!!! Jen tak dál a další takovýdle news!! :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!!!!! KRÁSNÝ
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Beautiful collection!

So many great works!


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FINALLY! A feature of photography that's not all the same artists all doing the same square crop, and the same style of shots. Kudos for putting this together!
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Super zbierka :)
...a btw choise sa pise choiCe.
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awesome collection of works!
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this is an amazing collection
Fogke you have amazing talents
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oh my gosh.really amazing' . .:heart: you're a angel :love:
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thank you so much :aww:
fogke's avatar
you are welcome ;)
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best news-selections I've seen so far! :clap:
thank you soooooooo much!
merry christmas! :)
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:manhug: thank you :) i wish same to you ;)
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so awesome! I spent all night just looking at these wonderful feats. gorgeous job!
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thanks for sharing 8D
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superb feature
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Brilliant feature! :clap:
It must took you hours to do!
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many thanks :) yes, but i like do this :)
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