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:iconthedragonland: :icondragonspirit-club: :iconponjago: :iconwings-of-fire-lovers:


Firelight Night
Happy December!
This piece is inspired by a traditions of my elementary school, of calling the winter holidays the festival of lights rather than anything else- noting how all the major holidays involve lighting things, be them trees or candles. It even makes a bit of historical sense, seeing how fire and light would help us through the colder days of the year with longer nights. This is definitely one of my favorites. I hope you all enjoy it too.

I'm not sure how my dragon month policy will continue. I am currently searching for a new art program, and I hope that I will be able to do my January dragon in that new art program. If I don't find one quick enough, I will possibly break my streak(which honestly was broken a long time about, thanks to the faulty art program I was using. However, I have done dragons for all the months i have missed, and I will most likely be posting them. They will be monthly while I'm searching for and learning to use the new program If I haven't by January, and otherwise, I'll just upload them whenever.
Sunset Siloette
Just some practice with paints of a sunset for a different painting. That's why there are two suns, because I was practicing in two spots, and just decided to make it a full painting. 
Nightfish's halloween light show
Nightfish loves halloween, because he always has the coolest costume with his lightning-lit seawing bioluminescent scales. Also he's an electrician, and gets plenty of work helping others set up their displays.

Nightfish is My(:iconfoger3:) OC, he is a seawing-skrill Hybrid, from Wof and HTTYD
Fadewalker redesign final
Thanks so much to :iconwhajje: for letting me try to give your oc a design! I want to stress that Fadewalker is completely yours, and this is what I came up with from what I've seen. It was a lot of fun, and your second headshot gave me much more to work with.

I love the double horns, which makes this oc relatively unique as a wings of fire dragon, and the ears are straight from the headshot. They're more a result of the artist's style than of the dragon originally, but Id' encourage teh owner to keep them more like triangles even if/as you start to draw WoF dragons with ears more like those in the books, to keep an element of uniquity for the oc.

Comments and suggestions:

I want you to note the use of two colors, the vibrant purple found on the back pattern and underbelly pattern, and the warmer purple used exclusively on the spine, face, and frill spines. These two colors are used nowhere else. The Vibrant purple, because it can only be used in small doses of highlights in any design (The pink fills this need) and the warm purple because the main palette of this character is in cool colors, and the warm ones best serve as highlight and definition(again, served by the pink). I felt sad that I could use these colors more, but they just didn't fit in the other places I tried to put them. However, because your OC is a rainwing, please note that you can give her the ability to change color. In this case, I would recommend small details of the color change. Perhaps the stars under her wings migrate, and/or turn pink, warm purple, or vibrant purple, depending on her current emotion, or perhaps its positivity/negativity and intensity. Just some ideas to turn around in your head.

That I didn't use all of the colors given as much as I wanted to could be a symptom of another problem: too many colors. For instance, the warm purple could be replaced by the cool purple on the face in all instances except on the face, where I believe the light purple would suffice in its place. You'll also note the complexity of the colors. Pink is only applied full on the frill and as the irises. (However, I think the contrast of the pink is what makes this look really good) In addition, the vibrant purple is only used as one of the three colors that make up the bejeweled look on the spine and underbelly. However, I feel like cutting down on your colors is your choice.

This is a complicated design. Most dragons have a full design that is complicated but keep in mind that designs like are agony if you plan to make a comic, and excruciating pain/death for animation(if you'd ever want to try, keep your futures open).
I recommend having a simplified design for your oc that uses 4 colors max waiting if the wings if you ever need it.

I made this based on the nightwing base, but feel free to make the body type more rainwing(Like extend the tail a bit)4

Wow, that was a wall of words. Hope you like her!


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My OC grew up in a wonderful place called Dragon Canyon, a hub world of wormholes that lead to all worlds where dragons exist. Most of the dragons at the other end of those wormholes don't know of the canyon's existence, unless they are called upon it to undertake epic quests. Some of these dragons return to their worlds, but must keep the Canyon a secret. Others prefer to live mostly in the canyon, and start lives there. Their sons and daughters are the dragons of the canyon. 

The magic of the canyon is our love of dragons (Literally our love, like, breaking the fourth wall "our love" sort of our love)

The rulers of this realm who keep the peace and decide the rules to keep their dragons safe are the Dragon council. Each member represents a single world where dragons come from, and are often leaders or massively powerful in their own world. The canyon chooses them by calling upon their service. 

This post is basically a list of the dragons on the council for my own record. But it would be cool to see what other think. Let me know If I missed one.

Highest ranking council members:
The Sea king (Chinese Mythology)
Quetzalcoatl (Aztec Mythology)
Fafnir(Norse mythology)

Small categories else:

Category 1:
The lightning king (Mario) 
Naydra (Zelda)
Rathalos (Monster Hunter)
Paarthurnax (Skyrim)
Ignitus (Spyro)

Category 2:
Ran and Chaw(ATLA)
Iron Dragonoid(Bakugan)
Giratina (Pokemon)
Toothles [formerly, the bewilderbeast](HTTYD)
Quita Moz(Elena of Avalor)
game of thrones?

Category3: This one's a doozy, here we go
Smaug(The Hobbit)
Jerboa II (Wings of Fire)
Goddith(Last Dragon Chronicles)
Saphira (Eragon)
Borris (My Father's Dragon)
Pan (The Unwanteds)
Festus (Heros of Olympus)

Minor Members
Tyranis Pax (Dragon Booster)
The dragon Kwami(Miraculous Ladybug)

Jake Long
Madam Mim
Prince Aragon

Did i miss some? the answer is yes! is you could kindly tell me what I would be very happy


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