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How to pronoun me right?

I'm used to be pronoun with "She/Her" for my whole life now but got to struggle along with pronoun myself with "She/Her" for a long while...

So, yeah, you can pronoun me "She/Her" or "They/Them" as you please.

What artist am I?

I'm making art on my computer with my HUION Inspiroy Keydial KD200 graphics tablet on Affinity Photo, doing pixel animations now and then and write character plots or my own stories (but in german). I'm rarely be seen drawing on paper nowadays (as long as I'm not at work on the nightshift with slow products).

Favourite Movies
Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, SAW, Final Destination (and many more)
Favourite TV Shows
My little Pony: friendship is magic, BBC Sherlock Holmes, general all Marvel & DC Comic Series (except Batman, Superman and Spiderman so far), Riese (online series), Grimm
Favourite Books
The Saga of Rex (Michel Gagné), the Black Jewels series (Anne Bishop), House of Night (P. C. Cast)
Favourite Writers
Lori Handeland, Wolfgang Hohlbein, Garry Kilworth, Werner J. Egli, Anne Bishop
Favourite Games
Ark: Survival Evolved, The Isle, Peekaboo, Subnautica, Spyro, Armello, Tera, World of Warcraft; HellGate: London, Fallout, Borderlands, Dragon Saga, Dragons Prophet
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gosh, boy, i hope you'll choke on that greed (me imagining him taking a deep breath to sputter more nonesense and choking on his saliva...)

go on and wallow in self-pity alone, it's still not her fault

why is he making me so angry, tho?? X,D

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yeah, scream at the poor kid that doesn't know anything of what you are talking about, very mature of you...

i'm sorry for fortuna here to have such a "nice" half brother, as what he seems to be, as he says "our mother"... :/

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ooooh this little smile... ;°;

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Thank you so much for the watch! :heart::meow: