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Is This War?

in this scene i imagine Drake and his two lieutenants (Moon and Yankee), came to the Weeping herd. 

Sorry i cant say any more till it is time! 


Base by X0KnightMare0X 


belongs to me

Esmerelda belongs to me 

Elvira belongs to Pone-Dancer 

Mano belongs to SpicyCos05 

They are the leaders of The-Weeping-Herd Owen is Esmerelda's adopted foal all grown up. 
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Elly be like "Hey this isn't my fault! Our meeting ended really well last time! Idk what's up..."

Spooky times for the Weeping horses :-(

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they just wanna chill, and throw fish at the gators..and not get eaten by the gators XD

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Ha it'd interfere with the yearly gator races! Whatever will they do?!

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LMAO- could you imagine?! them just squiggling around?! omg XD

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They just have a foal be the gator bait since gators are so slow on land. They'd all howl in laughter as the angy gators wriggle after their quick prey! Bets will be placed.

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yes, this will be a thing now. a sport. foals must be trained by highly skilled horses tho- so we dont have more deaths. i have a filly named Lexi who would work!

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Derwin would totally battle for that position. He likes gators a lot!

Lexi would be better since Absolem would freak out

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they both could train together, after all two foals together would be safe. as one could jump on the alligator is one gets too close.

and to keep them coming back, at the end of each race, the warriors could feed them some fish so they know they will get something out of it

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Oop!!! Shiz ‘bout to go down!!!

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes!!

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