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The new camera has given me some renewed energy to go out and photograph.

Added a few from the Naples Botanical Gardens taken just today.

Looking to take much more in the future of whatever I find interesting!


Well I picked up a brand spankin' new Nikon D7000 for a crazy low price from B&H.

I had to; the deal was too good to pass up and I've been wanting a new camera for a while now.

It's a phenomenal camera all around. My D40 just wasn't getting the shots that I wanted to take.

Hopefully posting some new photos this weekend!

The title says it all.
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Yup.. that long.
Lots of stuff has happend.
Posted new pictures.

Sweet Journal entry.
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So it's been a long time since i've posted anything, let alone written up a journal entry.
Reason being, I am focusing on work and trying to get my career going full speed ahead.

Tough economic times seem to be getting slowly better. Hopefully things keep going up and up.

Posted two new photos. Both from a family Trip I took to St Martin in the Carribean.
Honestly had way too much fun and the camera only made it out of the bag a couple times.

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Well.. Went to Key West with a friend, took a bunch of photos. Posting this journal kind of late but, meh.

I have been busy trying to find work amidts this crappy economy. I just graduated and my current job was just part time while in college, never intended on staying there too much longer.

Anyways! Enjoy what few new photos I put up.

Comments appreciated.
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I got bored tonight and took some photos of my car + a really cool looking building.
The lighting was just perfect for it!

Only 4 new ones but enjoy em!
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So I went on vacation to RI.
Lots of new pictures. Not really up to posting a big journal entry. So go see the pictures! :P
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Took a trip to Bradenton Speedway for a European Car Show/Drag Race.
It was a little less than what I expected, none of the real pricey cars showed up. (Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche) They usually have some there but who knows why they weren't there this time.

Wasn't able to get too many good shots since it started raining and then it got dark!
I would have worked around that if there were better cars, but anyway...
4 pictures up in the gallery. Much different than photographing animals for sure.
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It's becoming quite obvious that I really enjoy photographing wildlife.
I would like to do more landscapes and more architectural photos. Perhaps afer I finish this semester!

I am still looking to find a photo buddy so if you're in the area, shoot me a message.

-Kyle D.
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So I haven't been on in a while.
I've been busy! I was on Spring Break and the family came down to visit.
Then after that I bought a Ball Python. He's great! Totally awesome personality.
I posted some pics of him up in my gallery so feel free to take a look!

-Kyle D
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There was no way I was going to stay home today...
I called up a friend and we both went to Naples Zoo.

I know most of my pictures are of animals, but I just love photographing animals! What can I say!
Anywho... got a lot of good pics from the zoo. Going to have to go back earlier in the morning though, most of the animals, like the tiger, were sleeping and I couldn;t get any good shots of them.

Anyway, feel free to browse around! Comments are welcome and appreciated!

Kyle J Dolan
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I guess it would be fitting for me to introduce myself.
Long time Lurker on DeviantArt and other sites, but first time uploader.

I have always wanted to get into photography for several years.
I had my eyes set on a Nikon DSLR for a long time now.

A month ago I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one, with a bunch of accessories!
My motto is, if you do something you don't cheap out and you do it right.
Otherwise you usually end up unhappy because it's missing something or can't do this or that!

My setup:
Nikon D40
18-55mm Nikon Lense (came with D40)
70-300mm Nikon AF-S VR (This lense is SUPERB in quality)
Nikon SB-600 Speedlight

Misc camera accessories, like bag and memory card, etc. 'Course, everyone needs these.

Anyways! Please feel to browse my photos, but please don't take any or use any without my permission!
It is my work afterall!

Thanks for stopping by and comments are VERY MUCH appreciated! :)

-Kyle J Dolan

ARTISTS NOTE: None of these pictures have been edited, except for adding text in the bottom right. No touch-ups, nothing.
I haven't gotten good at touch ups yet anyway! I like them how they came right off the camera :)