Vorine - Naive Shaper who Rides the Lightning
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Yep, another RPG portrait, this time for a Gods of the Fall campaign on Fantasy Grounds. I'll try to go back to more dramatically interesting renders soon.

Vorine is a Janomite, (which means he's from a place called the Lost Valley, a valley so hidden away from the world that they didn't even realize the gods of the outside world had fallen, let alone suffering the disasters that have come since that). Some time ago, a strange being visited Vorine in his dreams, teaching him magic in exchange for a price that will be paid later. Feeling confident, and full of curiosity, he ran away after his sixteenth birthday, leaving the safety of the valley to see the outside world, only to realize once it was too late that he'd be unable to find his way back.

Now, as he explores this cruel world he found himself in, he's awakening to even more powers. He doesn't yet understand that he's the new god of storms.

Daz Studio/Reality/Luxrender. No postwork.
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kittenwylde|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! I love the textures.
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Icesturm|Student Digital Artist
It looks nice. Only his expression could be a bit more dramatic or sad.
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Fobok|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Yeah, I kind of drew a blank on expression. Too sad or angry wouldn't fit the character, he's an optimist. At the same time, he's not so much of an optimist that he hasn't seen he's now stuck in a downright awful society. So, I ended up pretty much leaving it at neutral default. 
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