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By Foayasha
Just a quick journal entry to sort of say where I've been and what I'm up to.

Well basically I've been just taking a break from everything. I recently bought a house, so my budget changed, and it is pretty far away from where I work, so I spend a lot of time driving in my hot car. By the time I got home I'm normally way to tired to do much of anything. I played a few games, Neverwinter and Flight Rising, and I start watching a bit of TV again. XD

But to the good stuff. I've found a project to get me back in the swing of things. I'm currently wrapping up Allura from Voltron's Uniform. I'll have a "preliminary" cosplay ready for Space City Con tomorrow, so maybe some pictures of that.

I've also got 3 cosplays to add to DA and my website: Amalthea, Maka's Black Blood Dress, and Mayor Mare. I just need to get the pictures on these! I'm going to do my best to just add a photo a day. I will probably still be a little less active, but you'll get some content from me again. 


here's some WIP!

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Woo hoo that's awesome! Yup Mayor Mare and Voltron FTW!
shushuwafflez's avatar
soooo good to you see you back in action!!
Looking forward to more pics!!
Foayasha's avatar
Yay! I was going to order a patch from you too, for this voltron cosplay... but I wasn't sure if I had the time.
shushuwafflez's avatar
Nice! well message me whenever for the patches ^_^
I'll see about fitting it in.
When are you needing them for?
Foayasha's avatar
It was for a con in afew weeks. Thats why I was like... >.> she probably doesn't have time.

but I will make sure to notify you of any other patches I need. I can actually look at my list later and see what I might need. ^_^ <3
shushuwafflez's avatar
aaaa okies!!
Sounds great!
Looking forward to seeing what you are up to ^_^
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