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Cosplay for the Rox!

I learned that my dog of 10 years (not the corgi), has cancer, and this has been the most devastating news I've ever received. I've created a fundraiser to help pay for her treatment; I would appreciate any shares that you guys can give me. Thank you so much for all of your support.

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Horrors of Cosplay Contest: Well Loved Wig Heads

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 6, 2013, 1:39 PM

I am actually running this contest on Facebook, so that is where Voting will take place, but I will take entries from my Deviant Art followers as well.


Hey Everyone, I thought for Halloween it might be fun to do a scary contest that I've dubbed "Horrors of Cosplay". For this contest I'll be taking submissions of horrifying, mangled and dressed up wigheads by anybody who would like to participate. I'll announce the prizes when Voting begins, but they will be good!!

How to Enter:

- Send me a Private Message Please - Contact Info will be required
- Share with Foa Cosplay an image of your best/worst wig head.
- Entry Form:
Cosplay Name / Cosplay Page
Contact Email

Entry Information and Rules:

1. One Entry per person
2. Submissions accepted until Sept. 30th, 2013
3. Voting will begin on Oct. 4th, 2013
4. Voting Ends on Oct. 25th, 2013
5. Awards: Best in Show, and Runner Up (Top 2)

I think that not only will this be a hilarious contest to participate in, but I also think that nearly anyone could join in on the fun. So hit me with your best shot!

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Where have you been!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 2, 2013, 8:23 AM
Just a quick journal entry to sort of say where I've been and what I'm up to.

Well basically I've been just taking a break from everything. I recently bought a house, so my budget changed, and it is pretty far away from where I work, so I spend a lot of time driving in my hot car. By the time I got home I'm normally way to tired to do much of anything. I played a few games, Neverwinter and Flight Rising, and I start watching a bit of TV again. XD

But to the good stuff. I've found a project to get me back in the swing of things. I'm currently wrapping up Allura from Voltron's Uniform. I'll have a "preliminary" cosplay ready for Space City Con tomorrow, so maybe some pictures of that.

I've also got 3 cosplays to add to DA and my website: Amalthea, Maka's Black Blood Dress, and Mayor Mare. I just need to get the pictures on these! I'm going to do my best to just add a photo a day. I will probably still be a little less active, but you'll get some content from me again. 


here's some WIP!

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Another one of those Journals.

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 4, 2013, 8:18 AM
I was tagged by :iconshinjusworkshop:

The rules:
:star: You must post these rules.
:star: Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
:star: Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
:star: You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
:star: Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
:star: No nonsense in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
:star: You have to tag 10 people.

:bulletyellow: I am really hating my real life job, so much so, I am getting ready to start looking for a new job.
:bulletyellow: I am currently in the process of buying a house with my Boyfriend, so I have been super busy and haven't been able to cosplay much at all.
:bulletyellow: My biggest project upcoming is for WoW - I am going to be making a Tier 6 Paladin. Nobody will know about this, except for those who are reading this journal. I won't be posting anything else about it. ;)
:bulletyellow: I completely messed up my past 3 websites by confusing Classes and IDs. I am very embarrassed about this.
:bulletyellow: I am not confident in my web design skills, but I love it; I know if I were in a job where that was what my job was, I would excel.
:bulletyellow: I love my Inuyasha cosplay, and I wish that I had it, so I could get more pictures with it.
:bulletyellow: I haven't actually read or watched Durarara or the comics with Lady Deadpool.
:bulletyellow: Cosplay competitions aren't fun for me at all. I dislike the waiting and the pressure that I feel. I would rather spend my time at a con making friends, and just looking awesome. Having people ask for my picture in cosplay is much more rewarding than winning contests for me.
:bulletyellow: Sintra isn't the easiet medium to work with, but it works for me. I actually feel bad when people ask me how to use it, because I feel like they won't really get it, and then will become discouraged.
:bulletyellow: I am very stubborn.

Shinju's questions:
1. Do you have other hobbies except for cosplay? Do you have time for them? I always get this problem.
:bulletyellow: I sure do! I ride motorcycles and I love web design and art. I have actually started to try and incorporate all of these things in my cosplay life. I also play video games, watch a few televisions shows and of course cartoons of various origins. I also love riding horses, Icelandic specifically, but I don't do it anymore because I don't have a horse. :(

2. If you were to choose between anime and western TV shows, what would you choose and why?
:bulletyellow: Almost always Anime; and I think it is because Anime allows for so much more creativity in their plot lines. Sure, sometimes the story gets crazy, but rarely will you ever feel bored. I like the fantasy that Anime typically brings to the plate, and I don't see that changing.

3. Do you remember how you ended up watching me on DA or FB (whichever was first)? I am really curious!
:bulletyellow: Humm.... to be honest, I don't remember the exact moment. I know it was probably a tutorial of some kind, or a Work In Progress. But then we started talking, and you were awesome, so yeah! Then we became like, ya know, best friends and stuff. ;)

4. What is the average sum of money that you spend on a cosplay (materials, wigs, shoes, lenses). $ or EURO, please.
:bulletyellow: oh god... on average, I spend about $300 per cosplay. On my latest 3 Maka cosplays, they were all less than $100. On my more expensive cosplays, I expect to spend upwards of ... $500, if you include mess-ups.

5. What is the average number of costumes you make per year?
:bulletyellow: Let's go with 10.

6. What is your favourite costume of yours? A link to the photo or thumb will help
:bulletyellow: man... I have a lot! I think my favorite is probably Spartoi Maka, mainly because it was one of the first which I picked myself, and made from scratch. It was a huge challenge for me, and I learned a great deal.

7. What is your favourite costume of mine? To make things easier, I did Matsumoto Rangiku (Bleach), Yoko Nakajima (12 Kingdoms), Medicine Seller (Mononoke), Athena armor (Saint Seiya), Mandarin (Spawn). Yes, not much to choose from  You can find the photos in my gallery.
:bulletyellow: Dude, for sure it is that Mandarin Spawn! That is amazing!!! And I know you will only up your game with the next cosplay, you are so freaking talented.

8. I like to spend evenings in my bed, with my laptop on my lap and surfing the internet, posting stuff, working on tutorials or watching TV shows. What do you do evenings?
:bulletyellow: Pretty much the exact same thing.

9. Do you  have any embarassing coplay moment to tell about?
:bulletyellow: Well when I cosplay, I am pretty much fair game to have fun, and look goofy. This might not be the nicest thing to say, but probably my most embarrassing moment is probably when I first wore my Teresa cosplay at Katsucon. It just wasn't ready for a debut, and it was completely rushed. Later on when I saw pictures and videos of myself, I was pretty humiliated. Though others have told me that I looked fine/good, I know otherwise. It wasn't up to par with what we were typically used to; we weren't on our A Game.

10. How do you describe cosplay to people who don't know anything about it?
:bulletyellow: Ha... I don't talk about cosplay with those who don't know anything about it. If I am at a convention, and someone asks me what everyone is doing in costume, I always tell them it is a "Comic Con", because it is so easy for them to understand, unlike Anime Convention, they have no clue. If someone wants to know about cosplay, that isn't because of a con, maybe because they saw my costumes. I usually just politely answer their question, and if they want to know more I just try to explain it first as a costuming hobby, rather than what it really is (obession with characters and crazy people staying up all night to finish projects before conventions). lol!

My Questions
1. Describe your next big project, it doesn't have to be cosplay related, and you don't have to tell me what it is, but you can.
2. What has been your most challenging moment in cosplay? What about it was so difficult?
3. Name a cosplayer that you would like to meet, and why.
4. What drives you crazy?
5. Who is your favorite cosplay photographer?
6. Do you have a cosplay handler? Do you think you treat them well?
7. Describe your typical session of getting into your cosplay.
8. Do you have a Facebook Page for your cosplay? What is it?
9. Do you keep your social life, and your cosplay life, seperate?
10. Show me your favorite cosplay, or the cosplay you are looking forward to the most!

And now... TAG You're It!

Anybody, because I don't know who even watches me anymore! <3

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Updates, Comics and Anime Matsuri

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 8:54 AM

Updates? Where to get them...

Hey everyone, I know it probably isn't a big mystery, but I haven't been very active here on Deviant Art. This goes also for my, World Cosplay and ACP account as well. Even my Tumblr suffers, and don't get me started on SocialCos. The additional work involved in posting up my cosplay updates on so many different sites, using the DA Groups system and in general peddling my cosplay all over like a coswhore, has left me feeling really burnt out. I think my DA Updates are just going to be more and more infrequently, though I'll do my best to post my updates on cons I am attending and what I'll be wearing.

If you are interested in keeping up with me, on a more daily basis, I would suggest following me on Facebook. On my Facebook page I post my updates to my personal website, when new galleries, video tutorials and events are updated. I also update with all of my con photos, new photoshoot details, daily updates and many other things - like giveaways (which if you follow me, you know I do them a lot).

So sorry for being that person who goes to facebook, and just turns into a facebook junky... but yeah, I just can't keep up with all of the social media surrounding cosplay and still have a life. Its too much for me. I'll still update here on occasion, like today, but it won't be as frequently as I used to update.

Cosplay Comic, New Cosplays and Anime Matsuri!

So this is basically what my journal entries will probably look like from now on xD.

Anime Matsuri 2013 - March 29 - 31
I'll be at Anime Matsuri this year, though to save money I won't be staying at a hotel. SO I probably won't be at the con past 9pm or so on Friday. Saturday I'll be down to boogy and what not. If you are interested, check out their Promo Video ( ), you can see me in there as Celty! I am riding my bike people, its a big deal. xD

Friday - Sunday Lady Deadpool
Formal Dance - Black Blood Maka Albarn
Special Appearances by: Spencer as CorgiPool!

The Adventures of Business Batgirl
I've also finally finished my Batgirl Fan Comic that I did the 'photoshoot' at Halloween. I've been posting daily updates to the 15 page comic on my Facebook page, so if you want some quick entertainment, stop by and check it out.

2 Maka's and a Deadpool walk into a bar...
I've also done a few new cosplays lately. You saw the updates for Katsucon, and my photoshoots have been returned to me. I'll be adding them to my website within the next week or so. You can see some of the galleries and details on my FacebooK (I know... sorry people).

Anyways, thank you again for all of your support. I am really sorry to those who would rather not check out facebook for cosplay updates. I wish you all the best! <3


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Katsucon, it is almost here!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 4, 2013, 7:51 AM
So all of 2012 I've been talking about going to Katsucon. Of course anyone who follows me knows that I LOVE this convention, and I can't wait to make it back there for another round. I am really looking forward to seeing some great cosplayers, and hopefully get to hang out with people that I met last year.

If you are going to Katsucon, and wanted to hang out, just let me know!

Here is my schedule:

Friday - Maka Albarn (Motorcycle Jacket version)
Saturday - Lady Deadpool
Sunday - Maka Albarn (Lime Green Skirt version).

Who else is going? What are you wearing?

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Free Premium Membership

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 12:37 PM
Well its that time of the year, and I wanted to renew my membership.

If you would like a chance to get a free 1 year membership, leave a comment below. I'll be picking the winner at the end of the day.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! <3

Edit: After a random sort, my friends :iconhattersisters: got a 1 year free. Thanks again everyone!

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Cosplay and Cosplay Photography Websites?

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 8:44 AM
I am going to be updating my Links Pages very soon. Add your Cosplay Website in a comment if you would like to trade banners with me!

Foayasha Links

(sorry though, this is for Cosplay and Photography websites. I don't include Facebook fan pages, DA account, or pages etc on my links page).

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Omgosh Updates: Onicon, Updates and Thank Yous!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 27, 2012, 12:41 PM
Hey everyone!


First of all Happy Halloween to you all! I hope those of you who celebrate this holiday, which I love, have an amazing and safe time! I already went out for Friday, and have plans again tonight. I'll be taking out my Jay, and my boyfriend makes a great Silent Bob. I also did a little bit of decorating at work too, and I'll be putting together a little costume for that party as well. My friend and I are doing 'Business' version super hero/super villians. I am pretty sure I am going as Business Batgirl.

Last year, you might remember, my coworkers did a StarTrek theme, and I got to be Spok... though I've been told I look more like T'Pol...

A Star Trek Halloween by Foayasha

Onicon 2012

Anyways... I just wanted give a quick run down of my experiences at Onicon 2012, held in Galveston. Even with some preconceptions about the convention, their notorious history of not being very organized, and having trouble with security, I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly the con went. They took the convention to a new level, in comparison to last year, and I was pretty impressed. Of course, it was a small convention, so they don't have much to offer in the sense of non-stop amazing panels. They had about 4 panel rooms going at all times, but if you weren't interested in that... well then what else was there to do?

The Dealer room isn't the largest in convention history, but they did offer your standard items, as well as some really cute vendors (Sorbet Jungle comes to mind). The contest had 100+ entries, and at least 90ish who showed up and participated. I was happy with the quality of the programming, and from my personal opinion they judging went by very smoothly and quickly. It was my first time judging, so I had a few things I wanted to keep in mind as we were doing our thing. One of them being that we didn't want the halftime and awards ceremony to take hours after the general contest had ended. I can't say we were super quick in handing out awards, but other than that I think we wrapped up in a decent amount of time.

I got to host my first panel, and I also participated in 3 other panels from Friday through Sunday. I also attended my very first closing ceremonies, which was pretty neat. Afterwards there was a party, that I had no idea would be happening, which I drank a lot and then got a little prank pulled on my by a few voice actors, staff and other cosplay guests. It was all good fun, and certainly a great experience.

New Cosplays!!!

Of course... I've been adding a few pictures of my newest cosplays, Princess Celestia and Celty Sturluson. I am not going to be bugging photographers about getting pictures to me ASAP, so this will be a slow update process. Just FYI... and sneak peaks of some of the shoots for those who have missed them...

Princess Celestia Preview by Foayasha In the Garage by Foayasha Celty Rides Back! by Foayasha

The Celty photoshoot was a blast, and we got some amazing moving and stationary shots. I can't wait to see them. And these were some of the best I'm sure.

Celestia, sadly, only got 2 quick photoshoots, and they were during the height of the day... so while the colors are really bright, it wasn't the best time for a photoshoot. So there weren't many great shots to post up. I'll be retaking this cosplay soon, and I'll also be bring it to Ikkicon in December!

Finally... thank you

I have gotten some tremendous feedback, new watchers and wonderful comments in the past few weeks. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been there, and everyone who supports me in my hobby. Being a cosplayer is a very public endevour, and puts the model under a lot of scrutiny. Lately I've noticed that more and more, as with the more feedback I get, trolls start to pop up. Sometimes not even trolls, but true negative feedback, and that's just hard to handle. I want to share my hobby and hardwork with the world, but it is difficult at times to receive what 'the world' has to say at times. Luckily it is 99% positive and everyone else is just giving me their opinion. I'll be doing my best in the future to just take all of the valid negative comments with a grain of salt and more forward.

And in this light it makes me truly appreciate all of the great feedback I get here on Deviant Art. Here my followers, and other cosplayers, understand more clearly the difficulty, time and effort it takes to pursue this hobby and really bring characters to life. My fans on Facebook, and here on DA, are so wonderful, so I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are all the best, and I am glad that I keep creating quality cosplays that continue to impress and entertain.

Thanks again

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Random Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 2, 2012, 9:04 AM
So... Check out my Facebook Giveaway!

I might apply this same giveaway to my number of followers here on Deviant Art. If you've got a facebook though, it will probably go a bit quicker on that end, just because of the way Like Promotions work.

Anyways... here are the full details about my Fan Appreciation Random Giveaway!!

Also... I am still loving the likes i am getting on my Facebook Soul Eater contest!

Proud Maka by Foayasha

HERE is where you LIKE the picture!

Thanks everyone, I'd love suggestions on what you think would be a good idea for those who aren't on Facebook, but would like to participate here on Deviant Art!


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30 Days, Soul Eater, and a Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 12:29 PM
Why hello everyone!!!

I'll be uploading some new pictures from my online gallery soon, so you don't need to leave the confines of your sweet DeviantArt account here over the next few days.

30 Days of Cosplay

On Facebook and SocialCos I just completed the "30 Days of Cosplay Challenge". I thought you all might like to go see it, as I get sort of silly and I posted some new pictures in that album only.

Go Check it out Foa's 30 Days of Cosplay

Soul Eater Contest

Also!!! I entered a Soul Eater contest on Facebook that for some reason I would really like to win. If you have a facebook account, I would really LOVE a 'like' from you. I have no idea why i want to win so badly, I normally only enter these things on a whim, and could care less about likes. But I want to be like... omg, the winner of the Soul Eater contest. xD Damn im silly..

Anyways... this is the picture I submitted.
Proud Maka by Foayasha

HERE is where you LIKE the picture!

Thanks in advance!!!


Finally, I'll be doing a DA Premium Membership Give Away on Facebook very soon. I'll be announcing the details on my cosplay page next Monday. It will be my "500 likes" give away, but i haven't decided on the specific details yet. So if you are interested in getting a free 3 month premium membership, well... then go like my page darn it!!! I might do something here on DA for those who don't have FB accounts, or in general incorporating DA into the contest. I just haven't figured it out yet.

My Facebook Page

<3 you guys for all of your support!!! I am so grateful and humbled. You are all amazing and full of great comments!!


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Website and a Feature!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 26, 2012, 8:28 AM
So I uploaded my website last night. I'm sure there are probably some broken links, but other than that, its all up and running.

This site includes my Sintra Tutorial which I've been talking about. Go check it out!

Also, if you want, go check out my feature in Japan Cinema's Cosplay Corner!

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So busy... just a little update

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 2:39 PM
So I've been running around like crazy lately, and it has me worried that I'll have overbooked myself for my Katsucon plans, if it lasts much longer. Currently I have 2 cosplays which I wanted to finish by the end of the month, however my work has got me wondering if it is time to... move on. If that is the case I have a lot of house keeping to do on my online portfolio, which takes away a considerable amount of time I can dedicate to cosplay. Boo...

Anyways, the good news is that my cosplay website is nearly complete, except for including all of the images I wanted to add... the gallery might just start out as "My Favs", and then in the future I'll add in the rest of the images. There would just be so many to format its not funny! But when that site is done - ETA: end of next week - it will include my Sintra Tutorial. I just didn't know where to add it, and having a little section on my site to include those things seemed like it would work well.

Anyways... I just wanted to give a heads up. I'll take a bunch of pictures, but I'll be pretty absent from DA until I get caught back up with my Life and Cosplay. Then I'll just post all sorts of neat stuff for everyone. I have one large cosplay that I would like to finish by the end of the year, and I don't want anything to get in the way, that means I need to really get to work and knock out these other smaller projects.

Thanks for everyone who has been following me, and I hope you'll hang around because I have some really neat stuff planned. I'll have at least 2 different cosplays to shoot in October, and also... maybe a Halloween costume worthy of a group photoshoot with some friends (who don't cosplay, but its halloween and will be all decked out).

<3 you all!!!!!


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WIP Stuff in case you didn't see it!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 2, 2012, 1:47 PM
I just posted a bunch of WIP stuff, so just in case you missed it and for some reason really wanted to see it, I thought I'd make little journal to say so!

WIP from Deathscythe has been up for a while, but also all my Lan Fan WIP!

Lan Fan Automail WIP Comp 1: Hand by Foayasha Lan Fan Automail WIP Comp 2: Shoulder by Foayasha Lan Fan WIP Comp 3: Breastplate by Foayasha
Lan Fan Automail WIP Comp 4: Arm by Foayasha Lan Fan Automail WIP Comp 5: All of it by Foayasha DeathScythe Soul Eater WIP Comp by Foayasha


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Wow I'm going to be busy...

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 28, 2012, 9:53 PM
So I got back in town tonight, and figured I'd write up a quick journal to give a quick update. First of all, I went out of town for Matsuricon in Ohio, which was a huge success. Well, at least I had a lot of fun, and that is a success in my book. Only real problem is my darn sinus allergies, which I'm able to completely avoid out here in TExas, flared up right before I left. So I sit here sniffing with a slight sinus headache xD

When I was at the con I got to meet Micah Solusod and his very cute lady friend Ayu Sakata, and found out that they create a webcomic together which just makes the Soul Eater voice actor that much cooler. I also had him sign my DeathScythe xD

My younger sister and I cosplayed both days, and we whipped up a Medusa cosplay for her and a Derpy Hooves cosplay for Friday. I just brought along my Maka and Lan Fan as scheduled. I had a great photoshoot with CTGraphy on Friday with my Lan Fan, so I'll have a few more images to post, including a few more from my San Japan photoshoots.

I'll be spending the next week or so going through my DA Activities that I've neglected while I was gone. I've gotten a few more followers in that time, and a lot of favs, which just makes me wanna hug everyone. I've also started an account on SocialCos, so if you guys are getting into that, make sure to add me.

Finally I've taken Afest off my schedule, just because I needed to slow down on the conventions and traveling. I'll be moving at the end of the year, and need to start saving money for that. Here's hoping I get a garage so I can do cosplay ou tthere, and not worry about making a mess in my dining room. xD

anyways, that's about it! Love you all <3


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Out of town, out of mind...

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 19, 2012, 12:39 PM
Hey everyone, I'm just making my last update for probably a few weeks. I'll be traveling out of town for a while, and then when I get back I'll need to catch up on work, and then another quick trip out of town the following weekend. So I'll be out of pocket. I like to check stuff on my phone and all, but I think I'll probably be way to busy to respond to most of my notes here on DA while I'm out.

I want to share another Maka and Lan Fan before I leave, but then you guys won't hear from me for a while. Anyways, I'll be in Ohio for Matsuricon this weekend, and then next weekend a few days at Afest. If you want to meetup with me, make sure to go like my page on Facebook and get me some info on what you're doing.

Anyways, when I get back I'll make sure to follow up on my comments and favs <3 and then I'll be getting back to work on new cosplays. I've got my helmet in my cosplay room ready for a redesign for Celty, and I've got the plans for my Kida swimsuit waiting as well. I've decided to do Onicon on Saturday as well, where I'll wear my Celty cosplay and bringing along my motorcycle. Should be fun, and might even get a fun rolling photoshoot in too while I'm there.

Anyways, I'll update my con schedule on my ID, but after this I probably won't be able to say much on DA. Love you guys!!!!


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300 Watchers and nearly 12k views?

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 11:52 PM
I don't know what to say... How about I love you guys? I've got a ton of stuff coming down the pipeline too. I hope to not disappoint!

Upcoming Cosplays:

:bulletpink: Late Summer:
More Maka
and Lan Fan photoshoots
WIP and tutorials (of course, I've been saying that for months, but they are In progress right now!)

:bulletpink: Fall:
Celty Durarara Cycle shoot
Kida Swimsuit shoot (hopefully)
Ren fair costume updates
and... for Ikkicon - Princess Celestia

:bulletpink: Winter 2013:
Elphaba from Wicked
Super Secret Crazy difficult cosplay!!! zomg, lol xD

Anyways, this is what i've got lined up, and then a much needed rest. I've got a lot of plans, but no more cons after the next two weeks till Ikkicon at New Years. So here's hoping I've got plenty of time to wrap all these fun cosplays up!

Again, I lvoe you guys. I'll get a new poll question up soon too ^_^

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Back from San Japan, but that's not all!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 14, 2012, 5:32 PM
Oh man, so I'm back from San Japan: Mach 5, which was awesome. In a way I wish I had worn Lan Fan on Friday, and Maka on Saturday, since I would have seen a lot more people on Saturday, but on the other hand I got stung by a bee on Friday... and was sick all day on Saturday. So I guess its for the best. Plus the fact that I was Maka on Friday, I met all the really awesome Soul Eater people!

Let's see, I finally got to hang out with :iconchococatnip: during the :iconthesadpandabrigade: Soul Eater Fan Panel. It was really cute, I just wish it was easier to see and hear them. I even got told to sit my arse down because my Spartoi Maka was a spoiler (oh girls xD). I loved it, and was laughing the whole time.

I also finally got to meet up with a few of my other friends, :iconidontevencosplay: for some great photoshoots, the girls and guys at Sec-C cosplay, and my new MyFitnessPal friends - which I am just being too lazy to post. I mean... that's a lot of accounts to reference.

So on Saturday I was too sick (because of the damn bee) to go to the cosplay contest, but I knew a lot of the winners - so congrats there! I got to watch as an epic Kuzco and Yzma cosplay team came to life, and then nearly fell asleep in the line for the contest. So whatever... better luck next time, right?

So anyways, my photoshoots of Maka were great, but I wasn't feeling awesome during my Lan Fan shoot... so I don't know what to expect there. I need to fix it up anyways, the cowl was weird. I'll be fixing that and getting a photoshoot in at....


No big plans here... Friday I'll be Lan Fan, and Saturday I'll be Spartoi Maka with a big Soul Eater group. I'm really excited about it, but I have a bit to do. I'll be making a Medusa cosplay for my little sister, which I may steal for a photoshoot myself xD. Anyways... Just wanted to say I was back and tired and ready for more.

Also... have you guys been liking my Poll Questions? I've been getting a lot of comments xD Well, either way -  Talk to you guys later, and keep your eyes peeled I've got a lot incoming in the next few weeks:

Maka Photoshoots | WIP Comps | Lan Fan Photoshoots | Sintra Tutorials | Construction details



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San Japan Update and Hello!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 7:51 AM
Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't been active very much lately with my submissions. I'll have a TON to post up very soon, a sintra walk-through tutorial, WIP collages, test runs, and full images of both Lan Fan and Maka. I just don't like posting up a single image on DA of WIP unless there wasn't really more than one picture to post. Here's some pics I posted on Facebook (1 like away from 200 O_O) earlier this week, for those who don't follow me there.

Anyhow, I'll be attending San Japan this weekend. I am really hoping to meet up with new people and have a blast. Here's my schedule so far:

I'll be arriving Thursday night, and just picking up badges if time allows.
:bulletpink: Friday Day - Maka Albarn
:bulletpink: 11Am - Maka photoshoot with :iconidontevencosplay:
:bulletpink: Friday Evening - Maka Albarn (Formal Wear & Mask - sadly, this will just be my own formal attire, instead of the dress she wears in the black room)
:bulletpink: Saturday Day - Lan Fan
:bulletpink: 11Am - Lan Fan photoshoot with :iconidontevencosplay:
:bulletpink: Saturday Evening (maybe Maka)
:bulletpink: Sunday - Maybe Maka (if I come in for Sunday).

There are just a lot of people doing Soul Eater stuff, and I want to get in on it. My Lan Fan is turning out pretty good too, but there aren't as many people doing FMA, at least that I've heard of.

If there are any photographers going, I'd love to take a minute of your time for some pictures - or if you know of any who are going, who'd be willing to do it for me just let me know. I'll be asking around as I'm at the con. It's just the people who I knew who were going got booked up before I could get a spot >.<

oh well! I hope to see people there, PM me if you want to meet up sometime.


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Con updates and features and stuff

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 16, 2012, 12:20 PM
I've got a few things to update and schedules to announce, so on and so forth. First off, I got featured in this really nice cosplay blog by :iconyunie-chan: - so go check that out. I was really flattered when she asked me, so I wanted to make sure to return the favor and send a bit of traffic to her site ^_^

Cosplay Blog with a Brain --> Foayasha's Cosplay Interview

I've been working really hard on my Maka cosplay, I was a bit slowed down by my desire to play video games for a short while, but I think I've managed to push that aside enough to get some of my work done. This weekend, mainly Sunday, I spent time figuring out how in the heck to make a Jacket. I made a rough draft version with some muslin, and it turned out pretty good, so I went ahead and dove into the real deal. Figured I'd share my progress with you guys.

In my head, I see this jacket as sort of a trench, similar to her black trench coat, so that's what I went for. I figure this style is a bit more badass than the two little dangly tails I see a lot of the time. I hope nobody gives me trouble about taking a little artistic license with that portion of the jacket.

I've also got some updates on the scythe, which got put on hold when I realized how close San Japan was, and I hadn't even started on most of my sewing yet. But now that the big portion is out of the way, I'll be able to finish off her weapon hopefully by the end of the week. It is further along than the images I'm showing here, but it isn't very pretty, so I am sparing my watchers.

I also decided to confirm that I'll be taking Lan Fan to San Japan as well. Her cosplay is a bit easier for me to do than Maka, so I expect to wrap that up right after the Scythe is done. I'll be wearing Maka on Friday afternoon, with a friend who is joining me as Spirit Albarn xD. I'll be wearing Lan Fan on Saturday. Let me know if you're heading out there too, I'd love to have friends and people to meetup up with. I'll bring along my forever alone mask to wear on Saturday with Lan Fan if I don't hear from anyone xD

Alright - well back to work!

EDIT: - Oh, and one more thing - As result of my poll for Which Swimsuit I should do - Major Kusanagi won. However, I was also pleasantly surprised to see Kida was one vote behind her. So... I'm making the executive decision to go with Kida. ^_^ There was also a write in submission that I loved that i'll probably work on sometime in the future too, a Xenosaga swimsuit - Kos Mos.

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