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Sintra Basics 2 - Cutting out a template piece



So I decided that where I'll be uploading the full tutorial is on a "Foa Cosplay" website. Problem was, I didn't have a website. So I made one. I am hoping to have it up and ready by tomorrow night. It will be complete with this full sintra tutorial. So here is another item which I wanted show. Again, I know this may seem pretty simple to most people, but I try to cover everything when I do this sort of stuff.

Steps in the Tutorial:

1. Draft out all of the patterns the best they will fit onto the sheet you’ve measured out.
2. Using your box cutter place your non-dominate hand at the top of the sheet, with the blade in front – so that you are cutting away from your hand.
3. Score several along the lines which you’ve drawn, being careful to be as accurate as possible. The cleaner the cuts are, the easier it will be to sand down the Sintra later.

For thin pieces, just scoring may have been enough to cut through the sheet of plastic. However, if you are using a thicker sheet, or maybe the line is shorter or curved, so you can’t cut as deep as easily:

4. Once a fairly deep incision has been made, lightly bend the sheet at the cut so that it opens the Sintra, and creates a slight crease on the opposite side.
5. Turn the Sintra over and score along the line which was created from bending the Sintra.
6. Bend along the incision line until the piece snaps.
7. Afterwards I clean up any ragged edged – Be Careful!

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