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Sintra Basics 1 - Trimming a Large Sheet of Sintra



Hey everyone, guess what! I've finished writing the Sintra tutorial, so now I'll be uploading the smaller DA pieces of that tutorial, so I can link back to full size images and what not.

This is the very FIRST part of my Sintra Tutorial - how to trim down large pieces of the plastic. I know this may seem like overkill and a very intuitive thing to do(You know, just cut it? whats so hard about that?), and most people would already know this, but I was very unsure of how to trim down the thicker sheets of sintra when I began. I was very worried I would not be able to do trim down the sheets in my house, and would need a heavy power tool to do the trick. But it was very simple to do, so I wanted to include that as part of the tutorials just in case someone felt the same was as I did when I began.

Steps in the Tutorial:

1. After measuring out the size of the sintra needed, locate the line where you need to score the Sintra. Using your box cutter, score the sheet once or twice, depending on the thickness and pressure applied.
2. Turn the sheet over.
3. Lightly bend the sheet against the score line.
4. If the sheet has not broken, flatten out the Sintra, and rescore the sheet on the opposite side, along the original score line.
5. Gently bend the sheet of Sintra again, along the score line.
6. The sheet will snap in two clean pieces.

Again, I am working on the DA portions of the tutorial right now, so I'll be updating this link with ALL of the Sintra Tutorial links and information as I begin to complete it. The final tutorial write up will be posted elsewhere, as I don't feel DA really suits the format that I will need.

:star:Check out the full Sintra Tutorial:star:

:bulletyellow: MOAR Tutorials and WIP!!!

Part 2 & 3:

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sorry but.. what's that "sintra"? and how/where i can buy it?