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:iconfnokitty:FNOKitty posted a status
Alright, so some news related to art, I am currently working on some stuff, three to five gifts, which of two are almost finished, a comic to test and play around with, which is not really going to be long or anything and is kinda depressing- but worry not, I am back to my mostly peppy mood and have done something else! I made something that I'm not too sure about, but I want to test some other waters as well, expect a Temmie being posted soon, that is a clue to what I'm doing!
Anywho, I shall be more busy since I really have to pass and get into college if I want to keep some benefits that would allow me to not worry about my medications that I need to be a fee that will drag me down, as well as learn more and get a good job and what not.... to be truthful I gave a real serious thought of taking the easy way out until I remember how may friends on here care about me, as well as how it would devastate most of my whole family... I have a dream to make true, and that gave me determination to push away that sudden wave of depression and bad thoughts, so much so that people in school told me to calm down with my serious look...they're not used to seeing that from me so twas understandable, but sadly I gone back to way too chill about things again, but this time I will be more focus.

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