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:iconfnokitty:FNOKitty posted a status
You know one if the things I fear?
I just can't fully trust myself... I fear of failing people... I fear of hurting others I care about... I fear...of no longer feeling... fear being taken over with blinding emotions that will cloud my judgement..
It kinda has me on a bend as I'm a bit broken from messing with my own mind... wasn't the best idea but that's fine... I just really hope things shall be fine... even if I kinda was wanting to crash and burn so hard that I'd HAVE to not be a kinda lazy person...and have to start being more responsible back then... but now that such nice people have been around... well I don't really want that anymore as I have a new life goal... but I think it's already to late for me.. Oh well. -shrugs with a smile- I'll see what the future will bring and what I shall make of it... hopefully I can make it work.

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