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:iconfnokitty:FNOKitty posted a status
Huh... I guess we do fear what might hurt us back... like bees, the ones besides aggressive bees, they fly harmlessly around and maybe on you... fuzzy little bee, kinda cute yet I fear you for the sting you may do onto me, yet you don't... I wait and stand and even walk, yet you only hover there... you feel so fuzzy and soft as fly onto my hand, and show you are no harm as you walk around... but I still feel fear... for what might not even do... I only fear because I can't talk to you... don't really know what you think... is that why we fear? Fear of what we can't be sure about on something that can hurt us... even when they should not and never might...? I don't know... but one thing for sure... it was a fuzzy little bee that I ended up giving my sweet icy drink too... =u='

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