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:iconfnokitty:FNOKitty posted a status
The stories that my father tell me about the doctors and people up there... putting 'accidental overdose' when he was doing what he was supposed to do, the doctors get mad at him for wanting another doctor... putting blame on him when they made the mistake... and hearing him telling about one of the doctors that knew what they were doing, saying that the medicines were not supposed to be taken with others that he was taking... saying that whoever was giving him them was like trying to kill him...and after that, saying good luck to him... it just shows you there is flaws, major flaws to the things we suppose to trust, either someone is slacking off or brushing things off... not listening to people because they believe that they know all or are in fear of asking for help...fearing that they are going to be sued...and the worst one says they are sorry for him when they made mistake... I'm just glad that my dad is still alive as he is now off most of those medicines... Makes me believe...there is hope...and such things... but having my eyes open to this... knowing that trust is such a fragile thing...and there are such awful people up there in the spots that are meant for people who are supposed to provide with care and protect us...only to screw us over... it's scary... makes you wonder if there is anyone looking over them up there... but what I believe is that people just want to solve things quickly and make more progress instead of being steady and solve things with care...instead of risk that leads to problems like this... Simple...well kinda... since we are in a complex web it no longer is as simple as before... but we could slowly make things better if we tried...that is what I believe...

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