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:iconfnokitty:FNOKitty posted a status
I sorry for being mostly quite for these past three days, I been a bit off, been doing other stuff, and whatnot. But don't worry for anyone who cares for my well-being, I'm more than fine, life is good, even if it's going to be a bit bumpy because...well, let's just say my grades have finally been seen by my parents, and I might be kinda grounded after this thanksgiving finishes, I'll only have my phone unless my work needs a computer to do... so ya... I said this many times, but I'm a fool... and worst yet since I feel off, I don't really care about that fact even more which does worry me a fair bit, since I should be caring about it, but rest assured I'll clean my own mess up, hopefully anyways... 
U-Uh...enough of making things sound fairly depressing, I'll post some more writing, something a bit more different and more expressive? I don't know, just know that I have something I put my heart and mind to, and it is odd since well, let's just say it goes off track the beaten path.
Oh, and another thing, I have questions I want to ask, do you think I can make people happy, be helpful, and maybe earn my way up to perhaps being like a streamer or something like that... that is a dream I have... don't judge... I just...uh -scratches the back of my head nervously- Have big dreams and hopes... and well I just like hearing from people, making people happy, and help them out if I can, even if it's something small like being there or making them smile... Heh... I'm being too soft on here now... uh... s-see ya.

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