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:iconfnokitty:FNOKitty posted a status
I'm disgusted at myself... Lamenting at my own unsatisfied self, breaking like stepped on twigs, judging my self completely as a whole only to take away my own hope, my dreams, my happiness, only to beat myself up while I could of been doing something that matters and be helping people, giving my ear and mind....
...I am a selfish idiot...for yearning for something....that I know I shouldn't...even if I was neglected for many years as an outcast... I want to be strong... and help people... yet I break... and wallow in my spiraling mind of echoes, wanting....wanting to cling and nourish what little I have.... of something I refuse to let go for it what keeps me together....

Devious Comments

Keomii Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Your not an idiot...... :( ur my friend....
FNOKitty Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you...
Keomii Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Your welcome .
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