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WP5: From Dawn to dusk, no rest for weary bones. by FNOKitty WP5: From Dawn to dusk, no rest for weary bones. by FNOKitty
"Have you been getting enough sleep? You look more tired than usual..."
"I haven't been sleeping much at night..."
"How come?"
"...Nightmares and let's keep it at that.."
"But maybe I can he-"
"Please Wish...let's just focus on what I'm teaching you..."

Haven't done another prompt until now, and also this was a bit rushed... I have things to do that I have to get done for classes and other stuff, and something just happened that kinda made me a bit depressed and disappointed at myself, but anyways...

This was kinda perfect to bring more light to Tori's problems, nightmares, and how she doesn't want to let her problems be others people's as well, this is mostly just a likely conversation her and Wish would have had one day when they both were training as wynglings. As you can see (or read to be more correct), she will not hesitate in ending a conversation even though she knows it's rude but if they feel uncomfortable with a subject, mostly trying to raise a problem they may have, she will be more forceful in shaking off the person's concern until A. She takes her leave or B. She will have a breakdown depending on how and how much they push for information. 
She will open up more personally with trust and time knowing someone.
Mention of Wish, Wish is owned by :iconcherrytrabbit:
CherryTrabbit Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Story story look at that story. I love the idea that they're the type to have conversations while sparing sometimes as it becomes more of an ingrained skill and therefore more fun 
Poor Tori, Wish wants to help D: (seriously tho a good start to that emotional journey stuff that forges strong friendships).
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October 22, 2017
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