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Tori, Tori Dawn Guard. by FNOKitty Tori, Tori Dawn Guard. by FNOKitty
Tori's first day in Wynsiph-or night in this matter, was a new experience but she didn't mind it too much...besides the fact of being apart from her parents now which was making her internally cry, but being able to see the stars much better made her feel better for what it's worth.
She sighed as she put a claw onto her medallion, a symbol of her roots, and what she hopes to stand for, serving along he family under her family name, Dawn Guard.
The name that comes from a warrior of light that rose up along with others in the darkest time within the Kingdom, the only thing that stood them apart from others besides his undying faith to Chii and the King as they charged into any conflict that arose; whether it be a blessing or luck he was one of the few untainted through all of those who were in the majority of both the fighting and handling of dark magic users, even being the executioner to lighten up the load for others, though not without a heavy heart, as faces of those he once knew even those he fought along sides with, were but a shadow of an image after being tainted.
At the end of the conflict, his actions were noticed, becoming a well-known name in the ranks at the time for doing what needed to be done, and skip to the present day the Dawn Guard family has expanded to a well-sized group within the walls of Antova, most of the family serving, and those who decide to do something else are still respected with the mention of their family name, striving to do honor out of combat.

Tori toyed with her medallion, knowing the value of it, knowing it was even more with it being silver and gold when usually new members are given one made of steel and gold, the reason being her being a pure blood in her family, having the blood of the founder of the family name within her veins. There has always been talk about how those who were related to the founder would almost always only have one child for each generation, some say it was to have it as a privilege, others within the family joke about it maybe the founder had a low mating drive and it passed on.
What ever it may be, it had little importance as it is regarded as just a thing that has always been, the family mostly being adopted or wedded into the family, along with being a pure blood being less important than before as there have been changes at the head of the family but the title of a pure blood still being a respected honor within the family as they are the only ones to be able to be referred solely using the surname Dawn Guard, as others will deny and refuse to be referred solely by Dawn Guard out of respect.

I think I over did it... again, oh well!
Well here is Tori's new look! Oh and the family name is not her full name, just want to disclose that.
-Hair Tuff
-Accessory (A silver necklace with a silver-gold medallion of a symbol of a new member of the family, the lowest and most basic ranking symbol within the family)

FurriePie Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017   Digital Artist
it looks really nice!
FNOKitty Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks! I'm glad to be creative once more! 
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