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Tall tales of the sea from Asa. by FNOKitty Tall tales of the sea from Asa. by FNOKitty
What lead up to me down here, in the deep reaches of the water... well, it all started when I heard a rumor of there recently being a lost satchel from one of the grown-ups, lost to the tides of sea...or shore really... Anyways! When I heard others saying how there might be stuff in it and there is a reward for it, I couldn't help but try to get it!
And so I bravely swam down into the dark, to which the rays of light cast from the surface shone down to the dark depths, helping me find the bag of myth! 
As I got to the bag I saw it was stuck between some rocks, I tried pulling with all my might to which it came lose... now all I had to get it out...ugh...need air...
I started to panic as I come to realize that this miiiight of been a bad idea...oh goodness... I started to desperately try to swim up with the satchel, holding onto it with my mouth on one of the broken pieces of the handle or whatever it's called! Ahhh, I'm gonna die! Bubbles started to come out my nose as I panicked even more... I wasn't going to make it... my lungs felt like they were on fire as I tried my hardest not to push away wanting to take a breath in... Besides feeling that, I felt dread... fear... I wanted to cry, I wanted to cry out for help... but I was helpless... I couldn't do any of that...I was DOO- "Asa, what are you doing flailing in the water like that?" Eh... Ok, so mostly everything I said was completely exaggerated... I was actually in the in the shallows but the satchel story wasn't made up...Kinda... I did find it between some rocks and it was broken... but it was actually an old worn out satchel... I'm going to keep it as one shouldn't turn their head away to gifts that the land gives... but how am I going to fix it? I'll figure that out later...

Yay, my first prompt! At first, I was going to try to do two things at once which was the prompt and an upgrade, but then I realized that I have to draw them with it on...sooo I'll do that on my next art post. Heh... Anyways, I hope this is good. ;w;

5/23Wyn I'm not counting them as a full body since I know they aren't colored in, I did that since it kinda gives the effect it's more of a dream that they self-insert themselves in. And if I have to, I'll actually color them in if this isn't valid for the prompt. 
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