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Sunshine doesn't always shine... by FNOKitty Sunshine doesn't always shine... by FNOKitty
Word catches around very quickly in the Nook, and the wrong words fell on the wrong ears...
What started as a small 'harmless' joke would lead to a chain of events for Asa that would change him.
The harmless joke was him going around the Nook saying he was gay and proud, which he did for his friend Grape since it seems to make her smile and laugh. Of course, Alma would catch and stop the little wyngling from making fun of himself, and told Grape to not to abuse her friend with something that may lead him to get hurt.

Months went by and the consequences of the joke would come back to bite him as he tried to speak up and defend Grape's name when other wynglings were talking behind her back and how glad they were with Grape running away. Something stuck at his core at that moment, he couldn't ignore the burning feeling in him that felt the need to yell at them and tell them that Grape was his friend along with how they shouldn't say such things about the friend he missed and wanted back.
What a mistake for a fairly noble thing, as the same wynglings that he yelled at, heard he was gay, and they thought of him of less of a wyngro. They didn't hold back what they thought of him since they were outside in the forest at the time.
Hurt, both in body and spirit as they didn't just beat him up, but talked down, spit, and stole his satchel. He didn't know what was worse, being hurt and sore at the legs from an attempt to make him never walk again or how he never thought another wyngro could be so mean or cruel... his whole view of things has changed, even more, growing more confused with how such things are... One thing for sure as he woke up from tiring out from crying out for help during and after the beating, is that he was now scared and wants to get out of the Nook as quick as he can... for now he lays on the grass on his side thinking of how he was going to get back with how hurt his legs were, the aching pain kept him from trying to get up as he fears of how the other wynglings said how they didn't want him to walk again... thinking of that brought tears to his eyes, what if he couldn't walk? What if he can't get back, what if he can never see any of his friends... all he can think about is how much he wants to see them and how much he regrets not hanging out enough with his roommates with all his separate adventures with Inky... "Maybe I deserve this...heh.." As he tries to make the best of things in a somewhat wrong way before crying when guilt and fear washed over his heart.

(Don't worry, the child will be fine... for the most part... poor Asa my flower child will now be less peppy. ;w; )
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Evee-Star Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017
Awe, poor Asa he's too pure for this cruel treatment.. ;;
FNOKitty Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017  Student General Artist
Yee, pure child be too pure, and all because he went with a joke that made his friend happy. He doesn't regret it or blame Grape for it, all he wants is to see Grape once more after they up and left without a word. ;-;
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October 7, 2017
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