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Sketchy gift/response/message- Mira-The-Everon by FNOKitty Sketchy gift/response/message- Mira-The-Everon by FNOKitty
:iconmira-the-everon: You are one of the greatest friends to which I have the pleasure of making, a best friend who seems to have such a similar mind as mine but from another path, walking on a different road to mine, yet we cross by chance or fate, either way, your presence is lovely to have around.
We talk lengthy notes, sharing thoughtful and considerate messages to each other, sharing our minds and hearts as we share concern to each other as we speak of our lives and how we take care of others. It brings a smile to me there is someone who shares a similar view and mind to me. 
You always were there when you had the time, you always gave support through every message you gave, you always told me how great I am compared to you, as we always speak of being each other's halves, and really we seem to be so with how we are.

But truth be told, I see you as the better half, you always took your responsibility and push through them no matter how much I hear they weigh you down.
You always sound so clever, responsible, and dependable, ready to take on whatever goes your way. While I may have a softer heart that wants to share and help with so many, as you written on your gift, I am meek, weak, and frail as I taken myself to have the heart I have.
To all my gentleness, I lack the strength that you have.
To all my care for others, I lack care for myself.
To all my softness to shift under for others, I lack the ability to support with the walls that you have.
To all my sight to see through simple things such as black and white to see a true person, I lack sight for my own future.
To all my loneliness, I gained my want to hear and share.
To all my suffering, came my kindness.
To all my anger, came my enlightenment.
To all my sadness, came my worry and concern for others.
To all my falls, I learned how to pick myself up.
To all my depression, a glimmer of happiness shines from my eyes.
To all my silence, a hyper person like me would smile.
To all my isolation, an eagerness to brighten others would come.

To all my honesty, a secret lies hidden.
To all my smiles, a frown mirrors to match.
To all my glimmer of a shine in my eyes, my eyes dull as my heart does.
To all my confidence, words that hold me back chain me with firm belief.
To all my ability to adapt for others, a slow person like me is quick to break.
To all my content, regret is made...
To all my sanity..., a tightly filled bottled of darkness, pain, anger waiting to be awaken again to it's fullest...
To all my love, a void is there to replace when needed, whenever someone I care hurts me, or how I hurt them from a mistake....
To all that I grab and hold onto, I am easy to let go for how my heart has weakened with how I remind myself of how easy everything can fall...
To all that I am to stand up for, I stumble with a wish that I was more.
To all my hope, an acceptance of how reality can turn against me holds...
To all my true self opens to others, I grow silent and hide it whenever people get weirded out or if it's not the best time... who think I'm just a joke... am wrong for thinking so bright of things.... to accept to be cruel to others when it's easier to do so... to ignore those who are hurt, to ignore those who just need some help, someone... 
To all of who I was, ...who I was when I was mostly so pure, so filled with hope and love... even when the world was confusing and scary... that I am glad that my life was the way it was... all the blessing I had to guide and protect me... even if I was learning to be a better person...since I was kinda spoiled... and less thoughtful... 
But now I am someone I am mainly proud of... besides my regrets for not trying harder... for no pushing myself.... for not care anymore... I just didn't have the people I needed to finally grow up... and see there is a reason to push myself... there is a reason to try... there is a reason to care... I just wish I meet people like you and everyone else on here sooner... though I don't care about that thought since I did it already and I may of not meet you all if I did sooner... I just want to cry with the joy in my heart that at least I made memories with you and others... that I helped and gave smiles to others... I will never regret that... not even if everything may soon crash and burn... not even life will get harder with how this new me hasn't come sooner... I just wish I was a bit more like you Mira... so I didn't mess up my one easy chance to where I should be going in life... to take my opportunities... but I was always scared... I didn't want to deal with the future... I didn't want to bother anyone for help... I'm just a child at heart... who cries easily with things like this... I mean I am crying right now... I would cry when I felt guilty of something when I did something to someone, or when every someone made fun of someone I really care about, I could handle being made fun of, but to someone, I care about with my heart would bring me to tears... I am that kind of person... and yet with how life has been, I don't want to have my heart out as much as before... I'm scared of being hurt, disappointing someone, hurting others... I just want to stay honest with life, I just want to make others happy... even though I do, I can't handle it all that I try doing as I slowly close myself and push away... isolate myself as how I always done... since I was an outcast... how there was a language line between fully knowing my family that loved me... with how timid I'd be... just everything that helps me back... even though it helped me get here... I wished... I was more... for you and others... I wish I don't cover my heart as I do now whenever I get emotional... but I... learned that to stay strong... to not waver quickly... to be firm... but I really just want to be someone to brighten others... not a leader...
I'm sorry if I rambled again... I just need to let it all out... I just hope... you'll still be my friend... even knowing I'm kinda a child at heart... and act like one to be truthful...
I still hope you like this...Asriel16 
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ELEMENT4LDR4GON Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why did you start watching me ;-;
FNOKitty Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Student General Artist
Because of the sweet cute picture I forgot to favorite that is your current profile pic since I'm going so fast fav'ing other stuff, since I love seeing art I try to browse deviant art at least twice a day and when I see something that is simple but amazing and cute with such nice expressions, and others things, I usually go check the artist's profile to which I would watch and maybe do some more fav's!
And nyuuu! Dun cry, why you crying? -hugs-
ELEMENT4LDR4GON Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll add a watch to get you to that 100 😚😉
FNOKitty Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Student General Artist
ELEMENT4LDR4GON Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-le hugs back- sorry for my lewd art of you saw XD anyways ty for faving it. It means a lot but yeah I try and do the art but it hurts my finger. I drew all of them with this app but I don't have a stylus to draw so I use my finger; -; *looks at cramped and broken finger* see
FNOKitty Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Student General Artist
It's fine, it's fine, though people may raise an eyebrow at me for watching you for having such art, I just recently turned into a young adult, which is 18, and if people can't look past the lewd art, then that's their decision, but I'm more open than that, and your a nice person.
-gives a small kiss on your hurt finger- Also, I hope it gets better, and that you get a stylus soon enough so it won't be as taxing on you.
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