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I once read my-shelf to sleep... by FNOKitty I once read my-shelf to sleep... by FNOKitty
Tori really enjoys enough to make bi-daily trips to the library even though they don't like being in town for any other reason. Tori grows less social with each habit picked up that keeps them busy from having to interact with others, not like she minds since one wyngro in particular keeps them from being alone. A Wyngro she promised to protect...

I am glad to finished this, this marks a new era as I shall finally will grow my children up after this, and start finalizing their design on how they will look, aka clothing and accessories! I finally can move on into doing actual story and stuff that I planned to do for so long, so be on the look out!
Now... I need to learn a different anatomy when I was just getting used to smoll. ;u; Oh well I plan to draw other smolls, hopefully.

I believe this only counts as two wyns but I don't even care if I'm right or wrong, I finally moving on and shall gain momentum! 
The NPC I drew here is Iset, which I tried to draw one of the less drawn NPC's...well when I started doing this before I procrastinated and college kept me down. Don ask when I was before the prompt...that's all I'm going to say... ;u;
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