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Court (Congress) of my mind by FNOKitty Court (Congress) of my mind by FNOKitty
If I had to describe my mind, this would be it, in one picture...
Fluffy, the innocent on the left, currently not feeling all too well and tired....Usually he is happy, hard working to please others, loves putting smiles on others, and being the warm fire that gives warmth...he still is but he is very weak and almost died at one point of it weren't for Night, he still is a warm fire but he has grown dull to only a glow...the years and the world hasn't been completely kind to him...
Night, the experienced, battle hardened from the world, protector, and most powerful in terms of being an actual voice that is heard....he has grown a lot from his beginning, from an angry soul keen on protecting Fluffy no matter what to a more wise and understanding, though grown a bit cold, but still a warm fire...
And O Kitty, as enlightenment, the one who taught Night more than just anger to protect Fluffy, he is very understanding and loves life, though he doesn't always talk but when he does knowledge and understanding can be felt as a warm aura, he only comes to aid when need is, or when he decides to. He is more of a ghostly flame as he doesn't always show up, but he does give warmth. He along with Night share a sight that not all can understand...

And me, as the one who is in the room.... guided and told by the three, but mostly one, Night. There is more, but these three are who I am....what I was...they are me and vise verse.... My mind is not light and darkness, only a place where talk is done and compromise are strived for, there are accusers of right and wrong, the place sometimes gets cold, but we work together to be strong... and we share... our flames together... We try to unite and change things for the better.

You know I just realized when posting this, my mind is more like a desired congress...not a court...well sometimes it is a court....
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