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A test of will by FNOKitty A test of will by FNOKitty
Night time.
A time of peace and quiet, a time where sleep calls the many wynglings and wyngros of the nook to curl up in their beds under their sheets for warmth.
There were still those that were still up, from the sneaky to the restless, each avoided the call of sleep within the night.
But out of all of them, there was two that stood out on this night, two little ones who were opposites to each other.
One who holds a warm smile and a shine in his eyes that showed a kind spirit that is determined to help others named Asa, while the other held a frown with tears in their eyes that were clouded by pain and anger, eyes that normally showed the anger along with other things that gave them a bad reputation around the Nook, this child was named Grape.
These two didn't know each other until this fateful day and night.
It was also the day when Grape's horn was causing her great pain, making her desperate for help, so much so that she asked Alma for help, but she could do nothing for the pain that comes growing. Grape wasn't so happy about that and let out her wrath upon some random bed in some random room, a bed that was owned by a wyngling called Asa.
What a surprise he had when came back to see his bed torn along with his pillow and blanket, but anger didn't spark in him just a sad feeling washed down on him that was quick to threaten to rise from his eyes, that only lasted as quick as it came as he heard a frustrated cry along with the noise of the tearing of fabric. He looked to the direction that it came from, to see the purple culprit that has torn his bed with their claws. Asa was confused as to why they were like this, but as Grape turn their head to glance at who has come into the room though, not much care was there to give even if it were to be Alma.
When their eyes both met each other, there was a tense moment as Grape glared at the yellow wyngling, she could only guess this must be the owner, she was ready to fight them, almost eager to claw into them with their wrath, to let out all her anger on an actual living being, she just wanted something to forget the ache on her nose, even if it meant more pain, she will gladly the stinging pain from a fight. She lowered herself into predators stance, ready to attack.
Meanwhile, Asa just stood there looking into their eyes, he saw something more, he saw the deep anger within her eyes but under that, pain, pain that was deeper than the tears they had right now, and something else that he couldn't fully understand but could feel... 'There is a reason why they act like this...' is what their thought was... even though he knew he was going to get hurt, he wanted to help her, he wanted to heal whatever wounds they may have, if he could do that then he knew he could help others for sure.
With that, he said with no fear, no hesitation, with his mind and heart set to endure so the other can feel better if only just to have their mind off whatever was causing them to be this way, he said something that caught Grape off guard.
"Do what you must if it makes you feel better... don't hold back!"
Grape took a moment to blink at what Asa said to her, but after that, they were angered even more as they took it as a taunt and that Asa was just acting more mighty than her, and with that, she charged at him with no mercy as she unleashed her wrath on them.

Time went by, but it felt longer to Asa as he was beaten up, but he took it with a smile even when Grape did her worst on him as she pulled harshly on his ears, clawed and bit him with all her might, only to grew angrier as he didn't fight back, cry out for mercy or even help. He had tears in his eyes as the pain was getting to him, but he stood his ground. He was very brave or a big fool to allow himself to be used as a stress reliever to someone he just met and even more to the one who tore up his bed, but he was determined to get their mind off the pain.
As the 'fight' raged on, Grape started to yell at him to do something, to fight, anything; the pain her horn was giving her was forgotten as Asa would ask her if she needed help or if she wanted to be friends and other things that made her want to just make him shut up, but soon enough the strength in her blows lessen as they both grew tired. Asa, no longer having the energy to speak out as he was, while the blows stopped, pain ached all over him with cuts, marks, and bruises, he only had a weak smile now that it was over, unsure if he did the right thing for allowing himself to get hurt like he was...
All he thought was sleep now, to sleep the pain away as it was now night time, he slowly raised his head up to look at Grape who was in silence with their head down with tears, feeling confused at what just happened, why did Asa smile as she hurt him, saying all those things to try to cheer her up while being beaten up by the very one he was talking to...
She shook her head, thinking what a strange gro he was, thinking about that word brought back memories of being called that when she started to get a bad reputation around the Nook as she started snoot booping others for fun but that was soon interrupted as she heard her victim speak up once more.
"I hope we can still be friends..."
Asa shakingly got up and started limping to his torn bed leaving Grape confused, she finally spoke up to him, asking why he let her hurt him. Asa stopped as he turned his head to her with a small smile.
"Because I want to help you..." That was all he said as he then continued to limp to his bed, passing out on it with a small smile even with all that he endured from her.

-1118 words
Asa belongs to me
Grape belongs to :iconevee-star:
Evee-Star Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017
AAAH I love this so much, that story was amazing. ;;
FNOKitty Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Student General Artist
Glad you loved it!
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