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The FG Godzilla Universe


The FG Godzilla Universe

Hello everyone. And today I will be talking about the karunagoverse. (Karunago Is Carnage In Japanese) The FG Godzilla Universe. This is My Very Own Universe that i have always wanted to make. So Here’s Some of the things you need to know about it before I work on the projects. This series is not grounded towards reality like the monsterverse. But there is an explanation to at least make it stand out. So in short, the Universe in which this series takes place is Like The Showa Films, but is more dark and Intense Like The Universe where Genndy Tartakovesky’s Primal Takes Place in. The Plots Of all these Projects aren't finished yet
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My Bio

Hello Everyone! I’m Fnaf Goji or in my real name Donald Anthony Hathaway/ Donny Hathaway and welcome to my Deviant art Channel. Here i do bases, requests, art trades, roll plays, memes, and other stuff like that. Please watch and check out my content i show here. Also i might begin doing some hot sexy shit too! >:3

People who inspered me :

All me friends:

Rules of my request boxes:

We are always open!

I might take to long because i might be busy or i might have forgotten but don’t worry because i will look back at my request box and see what i’m missing

I will not take requests that are characters from there original owners. Give me your own characters or other popular shit.

I will not draw weird giantesses, inflation, fat, or weight gains.

I won’t draw death threats. (i use to because of this guy )

As for my Persona Gojikashi, He is the descendant to the ancient Godzilla Guardians that were killed by the Dark and Evil Zalthulozino. as he continues in his life style he manages to gain lots of friends and alleys, get a beautiful girlfriend that had a little harsh backstory, encounter his true past, and protect the town and city that he loves. One day he will avenge his family’s death and kill Zalthulozino and destroy the darkness that he summons once and for all.

As for my real self i am a 16 year old that has autism but i can handle it pretty well. I have a talent of making art (Obviously), Singing, kind of gaming, Voice acting, making sandwiches, and ect. I’m also a bit bigger then my parents. I have two sisters, a nephew, two dogs (one is snickers and one is champ which is close to death) and ect. Also i’m a little blind and i kinda lack paying attention so i try to keep my self from lack of brain.

also i have a youtube account called Kojidashi and you can check it out here ->www.youtube.com/channel/UChOWX…

Anyways like i said i hope you enjoy what i got if not that fine i will try to improve more in the Future! As for all you watchers and newcomers, stay awsome. Peace Out!!!!

also credit to for the profile pic

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Heiseigoji91 Productions
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Godzilla, King Kong, Jurassic Park, Mowgli Legend Of The Jungle, Disney's Dinosaur, Shrek
Favourite TV Shows
Spongebob,Simpsons,Samurai Jack,Primal,Regular Show,Adventure Time
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dagames,Jonathan Young, caleb hyles,Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy
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Comic Books,Mangas
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Hirohiko Araki, Daisuke Sato,
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War Of The Monsters,Super Smash Bros,Super Mario Maker,Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction, Altered Beast
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Tyroxodontus Profile Redux

Tyroxodontus Profile Redux

Name: Tyroxodontus Other Names: Chirokisodon Weight: 60,000 Tons Height: 91.44 Meters 300 Ft Abilities: Physical Strength, Club Attack, Golden Plasma Breath, Asid Breath, Claw Attack, Bloodhound Scent, Thunder Stomp, Thunder Horn Attack, Origins: 1986, There once lived an intelligent primitive tribe that supports a strange lizard like creature. Until they we’re killed off by An Incarnation of The Korais Called Deathkorai who was the threat of the entire island. However a little girl who survived the attack sends the little creature off in a carriage boat to a safe place where it can live in peace, Later on The Creature lands on an island where strange tests accoures. One of the tests that some scientists we’re experimenting on was a toxic gas that can grow nature’s plant life. But when the creature came in contact with the toxic gas he started to change. developing strange and bizzare features from jagged skin and more spikes around the head to tail. Many years past till 1995

Tommorow is The Day!!!!

Tommorow is The Day!!!!

Well Guys...it's Been Awhile Since i Posted A Journal On DA But Still.....Tomorrow is My B Day Lads!! but..i'll also say this. stay home and stay safe like always my friends.

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