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This my first critique, so here goes! To start I really love how the smooth lines appeal to human eyes, you don't have to worry about a...

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These are projects that i am working on and want to work on!!

Current :
Alpha Project 1: -Name will be Changed- (probably, if not it will remain MSEW [Mirrored Season Emotional World])
- Art
- Music
- Original Boss Cast
= In Developmental Torment= (I'm heavily procrastinating on this, shame on me XD)


FnafDulen has started a donation pool!
48 / 25,000
Hello, guys! if that is a lot of points... it is because this is one way of payment for commissions on my livestream!

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Awesome Quotes!!!

The massive quantity of gathered divine spirits resembled a starry sky.
They silently wait for the one to give her voice. ~ Ten Desires Stage 6

While I was alive, I had the ability to understand
ten people's words simultaneously.
During my long sleep, I acquired the power of faith, and now,
I can hear humans' desires.
Desire tells of a human's true character.
To understand the ten desires of a human
is to know them fully.
In the past, the present...
And the future... ~ Toyosatomimi No Miko

This era, when humans deny my existence
and I have become legend, is what I was waiting for!
Now, attempt to defeat me!
And I shall become a living legend! ~ Toyosatomimi No Miko

Enough playing around! ~ Toyosatomimi No Miko

Desires gather at my side.
In every single era.
Because I was made to listen to ten desires
at once every day, I'm sure. ~ Toyosatomimi No Miko

There's no need to hide it.
I see and understand all.
All that can be understood from seeing human desire.
Regrettably, your desires are lacking,
and therefore incomplete. ~ Toyosatomimi No Miko

Two beings revived to eternal life
must join together in combat, and join together in study of the Tao!
Now, try to defeat me!
And be resurrected
as a statesman of eternal life! ~ Toyosatomimi No Miko

Now, attempt to defeat me.
That will bring harmony to this world! ~ Toyosatomimi No Miko

Have a look around.
These transient lights, like stars in the sky.
Each and every one of them is a human desire.
Observe a human's desires, and you can understand the entirety of that human.
Past, present, and future, as well. ~ Toyosatomimi No Miko

You could never manage to govern over these desires either way.
My ability, to hear and understand ten desires
at once, is necessary for that!
Now, attempt to defeat me!
And lay bare your own desire! ~ Toyosatomimi No Miko

This is a quite powerful nightmare, isn't it? ~ Doremy Sweet

There, a nightmare unlike any you have
encountered before now awaits you.
It is worthy of being called
a 'lunatic dream'.
Prepare yourself well,
dreaming human of the physical world. ~ Doremy Sweet

However, that fate has begun
to be overturned right now.
I shall now put it into words.
You can no longer escape from fate.
Fate has begun to turn over. ~ Sagume Kishin

Something real interesting is going on~!
It's lunatic tiiiime!
Welcome to a world of madness! ~ Clownpiece

If I had to say, I think I'd be the
one making people cry, y'know~?
Ooh, I got a good idea just now.
How about I make you cry and silence you? ~ Clownpiece

Game set, already!
You lost! ~ Reimu Hakurei (Win vs. Clownpiece)

For not one moment did I ever expect
that they would send an earthling to the moon.
I'm surprised that the people of the moon, hating even the
slightest impurity, would use such a haphazard method.
I underestimated them.
The battle has already been decided. ~ Junko

Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart - Junko's Theme *It has good meaning if you put it into context, just think.)

Though she now lives on another heavenly body,
and I am unable to meet with her...
Even if we are unable to dwell together under Heaven,
my hatred alone will be refined.
Now, show me!
Just what an earthling risking her life is capable of!
And behold!
This pristine spiritual force that rejects life and death! ~ Junko

The moon's people, too, have committed a foolish mistake.
It seems this earthling is far
more weak than you all thought.
My stagnated engagement with the people of the moon
was just beginning to exhaust my interest.
My mortal enemy, Jouga. Are you watching!?
Gaze upon this poor soul as she struggles between life and death! ~ Junko

However, I cannot recommend that you
remain within that nightmare.
Dreams invade your mind more than reality itself.
Dreams used unnaturally are extremely dangerous.
It would be better for your mind if you kept
seeing dreams about school legends, as you did before. ~ Doremy Sweet

I have helped myself to
your delicious nightmares.
However, if you still intend
on going to the Lunar Capital,
your mind will surely be eroded by a nightmare
many times greater than before.
It is worthy of being called
a 'lunatic dream'.
Right now, you can still "wake up and
find out that it was only a dream"...
Will you still proceed, despite that? ~ Doremy Sweet

In this world of social upheaval
where everything is turned on its head...
Who is the strongest tool?
We'll decide that here and now! ~ Benben Tsukumo (Vs. Reimu)

Tools can't speak, and they're worked
and worked until they fall apart.
They're not allowed to think of anything besides working...
You thank them for their daily work,
and you have memorial services when they break...
But the only ones who think that would be
satisfactory are the masters
who use them! ~ Shinmyomaru Sukuna (Vs. Reimu)

I can see a future where you understand
your weakness and ally with me.
Now, my treasured mallet!
Impart the power of dreams to all the speechless tools! ~ Shinmyomaru Sukuna (Vs. Reimu)

The meek have gained power
in this world of social upheaval.
Even mere tools can rule the world!
I'll make you the foundation we'll stand on! ~ Yatsuhashi Tsukumo (Vs. Reimu [B])

However, I have the power of dreams here in my hand.
This is our treasure, the "Miracle Mallet"! (Shinmyomaru)
The Miracle... Mallet!?
If you have that, then does that mean... (Reimu)
You're right to be scared.
I can see a strong person trying to flee from me.
Now, my treasured mallet!
Impart your power of dreams to all those of small stature! ~ Reimu & Shinmyomaru (Reimu [B])

Yes! A treasure that can grant the power
of dreams to all those who are weak!
Now, my treasured mallet!
Shake the heart of this human named Marisa Kirisame! ~ Shinmyomaru Sukuna (Vs. Marisa)

I suppose the strong and weak really are incompatible...
However, I have the power of dreams here in my hand.
This is our treasure, the "Miracle Mallet"! ~ Shinmyomaru
The Miracle... Mallet!?
The one that can grant any wish!? ~ Marisa
You're right to be scared.
I can see a strong person trying to flee from me.
Now, my treasured mallet!
Impart your power of dreams to all the pitiful weaklings! ~ Marisa & Shinmyomaru (Marisa [B])

That's right! It's the treasure that
imparts the power of dreams to speechless tools!
Now, my treasured mallet!
Lead this lost lamb to our resistance! ~ Shinmyoumaru Sukuna (Vs. Sakuya)

I see, you're on the ruling side... How unfortunate.
However, I have the power of dreams here in my hand.
This is our treasure, the "Miracle Mallet"! ~ Shinmyoumaru
The Miracle Mallet...
...Wait, what!? ~ Sakuya
I can see it.
A future where the rulers and the ruled are reversed!
Now, my treasured mallet!
Grant the power of dreams to those who are socially weak! ~ Sakuya & Shinmyoumaru (Sakuya [B])

My, my.
Tools would know better than anyone.
Because tools operate entirely
through the magic of their users.
So, shall I test my
new power on you?
Come, my drummer from the outside world!
Let your primal beat echo throughout Gensokyo! ~ Raiko Horikawa (Reimu [A])

The shrine maiden will just attack
youkai out of the blue.
In other words, that's proof that I, a tool,
have been acknowledged as a youkai.
Come, my drummer from the outside world!
Engrave your beat into this very battle! ~ Raiko Horikawa (Reimu [B])

My, my.
It's simple because I'm a tsukumogami.
Because when a tool's user changes,
their magic power changes, too.
Now, shall we test out
my new magical power?
Come, my drummer from the outside world!
Let your once-in-a-lifetime beat resound! ~ Raiko Horikawa (Marisa [A])

I wonder if you'll be able to say that
once you hear my beat.
Come, my drummer from the outside world!
Use your unknown pulse tonight to make my enemy "beat it"! ~ Raiko Horikawa (Marisa [B])

My, my.
It's simple because I'm a tsukumogami.
Because when a tool's user changes,
their magic power changes, too.
Now, shall we test out
my new magical power?
Come, my drummer from the outside world!
Awaken primal emotions with your soul's beat! ~ Raiko Horikawa (Sakuya [A])

My, my.
It's simple because I'm a tsukumogami.
Because when a tool's user changes,
their magic power changes, too.
Now, shall we test out
my new magical power?
Come, my drummer from the outside world!
Let your visionary beat resound throughout Gensokyo! ~ Raiko Horikawa (Sakuya [B])

Very well.
If you want to fight me, I'll be your opponent.
However, if you've chosen to follow the wrong path ...
Then you'll have to bear witness to the light of dharma which is even brighter here in Makai --
And bow down
before this pagoda of Bishamonten! ~ Shou Toramaru

Humans haven't changed since my days in the temple.
How foolish and self-centered you are!
Now, namusan ―― ! ~ Byakuren Hijiri

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