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y r gay people always cool?
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No one is dumb....


No one is dumb....

u r not dumb... no one is dumb, we r all just different levels of smart... so don’t feel down, everyone has different levels in this town^^


more of him and I



Truth of age! By me


Truth of age! By me

0+ “We r born at the age of zilch.” 4+ “We grow up to the age of 4 yrs and we get very cheeky!” 13+ “We turn into teenage dirtbags by choice!” 30+ “We live like the BOSS!” 84+ “Then we come of age. How time goes past!” Forever+ “We live a life on Earth, to earn a better one in Heaven!” this is dedicated to Rush Dot who‘s birth was rushed, and having to suffer the curse of “rushed life”, she went as fast as she came! u r loved lots Rush Dot! happy memories...


Special thx to my friend Jean-Luc!


Special thx to my friend Jean-Luc!

I thank Jean - Luc today for being supawtive in every way possible! u make my day, and my night! u r a friend dat is da specialist kind! u supawt me through many different ways! u bring to life my joy! Danke Jean-Luc for being my friend! >\\\<


when I'm alone! by KKwolf (me)

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My Bio

I lllloooooooooooooooooooovvve drawing FNAF. +I like Jean-luc234🇦🇺❤️🇺🇸 grey + white lamb kiss and I born in 2008....:D icon by: me^^

my friends’:

brushray 2OliversWorld2 BLA5T3R ErrorPlays Club-Dreamiverse TicTonic1996 RedAutumnSky Many more dat I can’t seem to find...

da one dat i love:


Favourite Visual Artist
BerriLeaf, Tony crynight! many more ... >w<
Favourite Movies
Pixels, harry potter(all movies except "the prisoner of askaban!", and astro boy the movie!
Favourite TV Shows
ok k.o., we bare bears, and odd squad, and steven universe! as well as adventure time and regular show!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Katy Perry, Ava Max, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Kesha, billie ilish ;w; , tones and I, others...
Favourite Books
wings of fire, the FNAF book series, the treehouse series, and the goosebumps books, making friends, smile, sisters. guts!
Favourite Writers
Sally Rippin, Andy Griffiths, and Roald Dahl, others...
Favourite Games
pokemon go, FNAF(obveously), and Minecraft, bendy and the ink machine >w<, others...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nentendo & WII
Tools of the Trade
paint 3D, paint(p.c. painter), and the deviantart painting thingy!
Other Interests
rawing fnaf, drawing my characters, evolving in my artwork, lego, my mascots "Marshmallow: since 2015-2020+" and "Ebunnie: since 2019-2020+", thinking I'm funny, doin big artworks all on an A4 piece of paper!
I bored... so I’m gonna draw the dirtiest, sexiest, and slutiest thing ever! don’t judge me, but I do stuff like that when I bored
Kkwolf is... *cries* ... DEAD 😭

Donation Pool

help make me a core member! plz

plz help me reach 1000 points so I can become a core member! If you don't to donate, that's fine! just at least donate a tiny bit! even 1 point is fine! really hope I can achieve my goal!

love KK!!!

60/1000 points

challenge section!!!

hope you join the competitions!!! on my page! the challenge is to draw a fnaf character in a winter theme ( because in Australia it is winter ), detail it as much as possible and then post it to me! and as a reward for the best top 3 best pics, wins a free member space in my group I made a few days ago! for other details and more, just give me a note/comment and I will tell you more details of what exactly you have to do and the rules of the competition to!

hope you join the compitition!!!

all positive feelings:

love from KK wolf!

enjoy!!!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]

challenge ends on the last day of winter

comment down below!


fav youtuber:

. Tony Crynight

.Foxdy xd

.Tiger funnies


.animation time

.orange animations

animation characters:

.KK wolf

.sis wolf

.DJ wolf




.Christmas fox

.Merry fox

.funny fox


.nick & nack

.lil bro wolf

.mum wolf

.dad wolf

.blossem wolf

.Dolphinia wolf

.Ryan wolf

.and the fnaf characters

fav fnaf character(s)



.Funtime foxy

.funtime chica & funtime cupcake;3

favourite deviantartist(s):



.Tony Crynight

.velvet cynical


fav website(s):



.Crazy games


best friend(s):

.Emily Dash




FNAF crush(s):


.Spring Bonnie

most hated fnaf character(s):




.phanton Puppet

.Funtime Freddy

.Pig Patch

.Orville Elephant

real life crush(s):

.L.P. not allowed to say full name

.M.G. not allowed to say full name

.J. Not allowed to say full name

.Jack.S. /Jean-luc234

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I'll wait for you here like a stone
Come back please😞
AwesomeFoxgirl02 Artisan Crafter
You have to see my next drawing artwork pictures stories
I just wish she was here
AwesomeFoxgirl02 Artisan Crafter
She's been gone for a couple of weeks I'm really worried
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