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The Immoral Mr Teas, the psychiatrist scene

Okay, this is not mine, it is not even one of my commissions, though it has and will continue to inspire commissions done for me in the past and the present.  These stills are from the June 1967 issue of Playboy and and article "The History of Sex in Cinema, Part XVI:  The Nudies."  I was 13 when this was published and the father of a friend would buy Playboys for us.  We'd give him the money, of course. The Nudies were movies with nekkid women in them, but they never involved physical sex.  "Look but don't touch" was their unspoken motto.  The movie these stills come from, The Immoral Mr. Teas, was an early feature by Russ Meyers, who would later be one of the major names in the adult film industry, the man behind films such as Vixen, Supervixens, and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,, which was written by a young Roger Ebert.  Mr. Teas was about a man who suffers from delusions of women's clothing vanishing from their bodies.  I was able to get a DVD of this not many years ago, and found it to be charming in its innocent nudity.  Some of it I found kind of of dull.  Mr. Teas at one point comes upon women in bathing suits, which just turns into nudists playing in water.  But the movie is one of the best examples of what came to be known as "Nudie Cuties."

But these stills, in which Mr. Teas decides to go to a female psychiatrist for help with his delusions, only to accept his hallucinations when her clothes vanish, were two of the most literally impressive images of my life.  These became two of my all-time favorite pictures from Playboy and led to life-long affection of portrayals of women sitting like this who are clothed one minute, then naked the next.  (See the four-part "Dogged Psychologist" and the first two "Making of a Mad Monkey" pieces in my gallery for examples.)  I recently found photos of a woman from some men's magazines who looks a lot like a female therapist I had starting seeing four years after seeing these stills.  I'm planning some future commissions based on her.  (She's also the "model" for the rather dark "Annelid Analyst" in my gallery.)  But I decided to post these as an example of how just a couple of photos of an adult nature can affect a person for the rest of their lives.

And, yes, I do know that, if you look up The Immoral Mr. Teas on eBay, you can find DVD copies at decent prices.
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Very nice! I very much see the resemblance to Claudia here ;)
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Well, one important fact I neglected to add to this commentary is that The Immoral Mr. Teas was released in 1959.  Besides high heels being a common fashion statement of the time, it was also common for any woman in a "man's" occupation to wear high heels, partly to prove that she was still a woman, and maybe to keep the woman from feeling the job was too much and running away.  (The main purpose of high heels.)  

And it probably says something about Mr. Teas himself that he could hallucinate the disappearance of nearly everything else, but not the shoes.  Make of that what you will.
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Someone had a shoe fetish ...