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Possible AR Page 4

I know the resolution of this story isn't the most original, but I hope the dialogue makes up for it.  Again, this is art by Cosmotrama studios, which has a Facebook page here… and the coloring was done by pikotime pikotime who can be reached at   The characters here are the property of Walt Disney Productions and neither I nor any of the artists nor Cosmotrama claim ownership of any of them.

Here is the panel-by-panel dialogue:


KIM:  This is weird, like something dreamed up by a REALLY sick writer, but --


KIM:  Wait!  It's working.


KIM:  Mom's getting bigger!  Older!  She's --


KIM:  She's MY age!  But I think I'm out of milk!

ANN:  That's all right, Kim.  We can continue later.

DR. DRAKKEN:  Shego, no!  That ray gun is damaged!  It's unstable!  It could --


DR. DRAKKEN (Off-panel):  -- backfire.


PAGE THREE, PANEL SIX:  Shego, now a newborn, sits by the smoldering husk of the ray gun.

PAGE THREE, PANEL SEVEN:  Kim and her teenage mother walk away from an orphanage where Baby Shego has been left on the doorstep.  Kim is reacting with disgust to something her mother has said.

TEENAGE ANN:  I’m sure the nuns will care for Shego.  Oh, and, Kim, your milk was delicious!

KIM:  Mom!  EEW!!

And that's it.  I await your comments, even those telling me how sick I am.
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And if this cheeky devil still can't obey, then she must suffer her fateGiggle :happybounce: 
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I'm guessing they're going to stay the same age from now on because I can't see Kim agreeing to further feeding.
FMTFluver's avatar
UNLESS Kim wants her mother to revert to her true age.  She'd rather do without "compliments" like the one in the last panel.  But I think she'd prefer to have her full-grown mother back.  If nothing else, it would spare her father some nasty judgements and glares from other people -- including Kim, if her father wants to keep Ann regressed but still his wife. ; ) 
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Great job in all the pages!
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Nothing wrong with nursing.  Those bumps were not made just to be stared at, but to feed.  Course nobody did either at my pathetic molehills.

This short series was very enjoyable.  You might want to consider expanding it with more about the age regression taking time.  Think Margret Hamilton (hope its her) in Wizard of Oz.  Her beautiful dialog while being melted by the water.  With no Mom in the house the boys would play and get into trouble etc.

Once again, thanks for an enjoyable series.
FMTFluver's avatar
Years ago, I tried commissioning a story similar to this with Yuri nursing a regressed Kei.  (The Dirty Pair, for those who don't know.)  The artist refused, telling me "I'm not doing that with a baby!"  Apparently, HE didn't know what "those bumps" are for.
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"KIM:  This is weird, like something dreamed up by a REALLY sick writer, but --"
:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 

As said I was the colourist, and I had only the pencilled pages, without any kind of text or description. So now I can understand the story there, I thought Kim was breastfeeding but I was afraid to color her dress or not to avoid mature qualification.
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You did a great job that everyone is admiring, including the people in Brazil who did the pencils and inks.  That's all the matters.  I thank you for the wonderful job and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
pikotime's avatar
Thanks for commission me, it was a pleasure to do.
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Great comic^^
EduartBoudewijn's avatar
Lovely to see this script realized finally! It's awesome!
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pretty neat age tfs here
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