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The following is a comics script for an age regression story.  Because the characters are owned by a company that is VERY attentive to unauthorized use of their characters, I decided to go the "Mad" magazine route and use names that aren't QUITE the actual names of the characters, just in case any legal departments come Googling for violations.

I commissioned this story to be illustrated months ago, and it's been that long since I've heard from the artist.  I got ONE page of thumbnails and that's been it so far.  I may see the finished art, but I doubt it.  Yes, I did pay the artist in advance.

Maybe I'll commission someone else, but I'll need to get some bills paid first.  Then I'll need to find an artist who's trustworthy who can draw in the style needed for this story.

I play a few tricks with the mother-daughter relationship in this.   I wouldn't say they're sexual, but I had one person jump on me for the illustration in my gallery "Mom Enjoys the Ride."  So someone might have problems with this story.  If you think you might be one of them, please read no further.

I hope some of you will enjoy the story.

SCENE, PAGE ONE, PANEL ONE: This panel takes up the entire “top row” of the page.  It shows Kim Passable and her mother, Dr. Ann Passable,  are at a formal affair honoring the latter.  Dr. Passable is wearing a strapless gown and a necklace.  Ann is at a podium, Kim sits next to it, sharing a table with her father and brothers, the “Dwins.”   On the table is a silver serving tray.  Everyone at the table is showing pride for Dr. Passable.  On the wall behind the podium is a large banner saying “Brain Surgeon of the Year.”

DR.  PASSABLE: I want to thank everyone responsible for this honor –

SCENE, PAGE ONE, PANEL TWO:   Dr. Drakkyn and Sheego enter from a door at the other end of the room.  Dr. Drakkyn has a gun that shoots a strange ray at something or someone off-panel.

DRAKKYN: And I’D like to thank the papers for announcing this event, so I knew you’d be here, Kim Passable!

KIM (Off-panel): Dr. Drakkyn!  Sheego!

SCENE, PAGE ONE, PANEL THREE:  Kim has grabbed the serving tray and is holding it so that its surface reflects the ray away from her.

KIM (Thought panel): When is Drakkyn going to learn not to use ray guns when there’s a reflecting surface at hand?

SCENE, PAGE ONE, PANEL FOUR: The panel stretches across the bottom of the page and shows the ray striking Sheego, and regressing her from adult to baby – with several stages shown in between.  Drakkyn looks on in dawning horror.  Note that, though Sheego changes, her outfit does NOT change with her, so, in the end, it looks as if she’s wearing oversized green and black jammies.

SHEEGO: You little – what have you done – to me?!


SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL ONE:  Kim kicks Drakkyn in the head, knocking him out and causing him to drop the ray gun.


SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL TWO: A close-up of the ray gun hitting the ground and breaking, but still firing off one final beam.


SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL THREE: This panel, page wide, shows Dr. Passable being hit by the ray.  As with Sheego, Dr. Passable’s clothing doesn’t change with her, but the Doctor has to hold her strapless gown up with her hands to keep herself decent – not that there’s anything to see.  We see her behind the podium, the ray high enough to strike her, and she regresses to babyhood as her husband and the Dwins look on in horror.


DWINS:   Mom!

SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL FOUR:  Kim stands towering over (and looking in bewilderment at) Baby Sheego.  Baby Sheego is trying to fire her hand blasts at Kim, but greenish sparks are all that come out.

KIM: Awww!  Those are cute!  But don’t worry, I’m not going to let my mother stay an infant.  And, when she grows back, you should be able to, too.

SOUND EFFECT:   Phtt!  Phtt!

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL ONE: Kim, cradling her infant mother in her arms,  talks to a couple of scientists.

KIM: Can you make an antidote to the ray?

1ST SCIENTIST: I think so.  But it may take a while.  

2ND SCIENTIST: Until then, you’ll have to care for them.

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL TWO: Kim (nude or topless) is bathing her mother and Sheego in a sink.  Sheego is deliberately splashing the other two.

CAPTION: And so –

KIM: Sheego!  Stop splashing!

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL THREE:  Dr. Passable is in a baby sling that a resident is  wearing.  Both of them are in surgical gear, including masks, as baby Ann performs a brain operation.  (The angle is such that we aren’t actually looking at the brain.)  Other medical staff are with them, also in surgical gear.

DR. PASSABLE: You’re doing a very good job of standing still, Eric.  It should only be another 30 minutes, then we can close him up.

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL FOUR:  Kim looks at a test tube with a formula in it as a nameless scientist talks to her.  

KIM: You have it?  An antidote?!

SCIENTIST: Yes, but there’s one thing.  It has to be filtered through the milk of another woman.  In fact, it will stimulate lactation.  And the best potential nurse should be a relative.

KIM: Wait a minute –

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL FIVE: Close-up of Kim’s face in obvious dismay.

KIM:  – Are you saying I have to nurse my own mother?!

SCENE, PAGE FOUR, PANELS ONE - THREE: As Kim, now topless, drinks the formula, her breasts become  engorged (but NOT enlarged – there’s a little swelling in the nipples, some discoloration of the aereolae), a drop of milk coming from one of them.

SCENE, PAGE FOUR, PANEL FOUR: Kim squeezes her breasts, while the scientist talks to her.

KIM: Ooo – they’re full – and TENDER!  Are you sure this will work?

SCIENTIST: It won’t work as well because of the difference in DNA, but you should see some effect on the other baby.

SCENE, PAGE FOUR, PANEL FIVE:  Kim nurses Baby Sheego.  

KIM: Well, okay – go to work, Sheego.

SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL ONE: Sheego grows a little older, to toddler stage.

KIM: It’s working!  She’s getting bigger and –

SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL TWO:  Sheego, a nasty, pleased expression on her face, bites Kim’s nipple, causing Kim to cry in pain.


SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL THREE:  Kim spanks a bare-bottomed Baby Sheego.

KIM: You brat!  You bit me!

SHEEGO: T’ought you’d – OW! – wike it!

SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL FOUR:  Kim lifts her infant mother to face her, while Little Sheego stands nearby massaging her sore bottom.

KIM: Okay, Mom.  It’s your turn.  But don’t YOU bite me!

BABY DR. PASSABLE: I won’, Kimmie.

SCENE, PAGE SIX, PANELS ONE - FOUR: Kim nurses her mother, who returns to adulthood.

KIM, FIRST PANEL: That’s it, Mom.  Drink it down.

KIM, SECOND PANEL: You’re getting bigger –

KIM, THIRD PANEL:  – bigger –

KIM, FOURTH PANEL: You’re back!

SCENE, PAGE SEVEN, PANEL ONE: While Dr. PASSABLE still sits in Kim’s lap, the two of them hugging, Baby Sheego has the damaged ray-gun and is pointing it at Kim, not noticing the sparks coming from the gun.  But the Scientist has noticed Sheego, and is running up trying to stop her.

DR. PASSABLE: That was nice.  Your milk was very tasty!

KIM: Mom!  Eww!

SCIENTIST: Little girl!  No!  That raygun hasn’t been repaired and, if you fire it, there could be ...

SCENE, PAGE SEVEN, PANEL TWO: The ray-gun explodes in Sheego’s face.

KIM (Off-panel): What – Sheego!

SCENE, PAGE SEVEN, PANEL THREE:  Kim and Dr. Passable look on with “Awww!” expressions at Sheego, who has turned into a newborn.

SCIENTIST: ... a back fire!


KIM: Sheego!  You’re adorable!

BABY SHEEGO: Waaaahhhh!

SCENE, PAGE SEVEN, PANEL FOUR: Kim and Dr. PASSABLE leave Sheego on the doorstep of an orphanage.

KIM: A Catholic orphanage?

DR. PASSABLE: I’m sure the nuns will raise her properly.
An attack by an arch enemy turn's Kim's relationship with her mother and a female foe upside down.
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Agemagic Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
Love the whole idea and concept. Perhaps the only thing I would suggest adding is some AP to attract additional fans to the project by "aging" Kim into her 30s, say her Mother's age, in order to be able to breast feed her and be more motherly, then have to try and find an anti-dote to regress her back to her true age as well. Perhaps the gun exploding at the end gives Kim her age back at the edge of the AR explosion while completing regressing Shego. Just a thought.
FMTFluver Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
That's not bad. I may use it.
klatuk4u Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Actually I have always been a fan of the bad guy/girl getting regressed in the end, so I love this idea. The script sounds great!
maniacaldude Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Sounds like an interesting AR comic concept, even with the MAD name change thing. I hope someone gets around to illustrating it.

Though if I may say something about it, I feel like you could have shown a little more of Kim taking care of her mom and "Sheego", like feeding them, changing them, playing with them and that stuff, although it was amusing how her mom could do brain surgery, even regressed like that.
FMTFluver Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
Iknow, I could have a lot more done. This is what my budget will support commissioning right now.
maniacaldude Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Come again?
FMTFluver Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
Okay. As I said earlier, I'm not an artist. I commission the art in my gallery. And that can cost money. A comics page of panels (as opposed to a single illustration taking up a sheet of paper by itself) is usually especially costly. For example, I commissioned this piece, which the artist put in his own gallery (which I had no problem with) [link]

The cost was $80. Or the "MyxOlympics" series in my gallery, while individually not as expensive, still ran into several hundred dollars combing.

For "Kim Passible," I will want to have it in color. So it's going to be costly as it is. Adding more panels to it will make it more expensive. And I just can't afford it right now.
FMTFluver Featured By Owner May 11, 2013
Whoops. That one sentence should be "several hundred dollars combined."
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