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Formerly feline
I haven't seen a photo as suggesting of transforming back into a human after having been an animal.  And the woman's pose in this could only suggest that she had been one animal.  Do know that, though I have her as a babysitter in this story, she's in college, not high school, so she's legal.  I've got a feeling some people looking at this will have flashbacks to some of their babysitters.

Lena was babysitting the Nastalia twins.  She'd done it before and liked them, though they were -- peculiar -- kids, a boy and a girl.  She had a lot of errands to run before she went to their house, and she had no time for the nap she usually took beforehand.  After feeding them their supper, they wanted to play their favorite game, Bloody Bones.  They started and were having a good time, but Lena's exhaustion was catching up to her.

"What's wrong?" asked Kirby.

"I'm sorry, kids," said Lena.  "I had chores and errands to do before I came here today.  I usually take a little catnap before I babysit the two of you, but I didn't have time today.  So I'm a little tired."

"A catnap?" asked Kelli. "Is that what you need?"  Lena nodded.

Both children began to chant words that Lena couldn't quite make out.  Suddenly, Lena was VERY sleepy!  Everything in front of her eyes began to blur.  And, were things getting bigger?

Lena thought her clothes were slipping off of her, that they were getting larger on her.  And Lena couldn't keep her eyes open.  She stepped out of her clothes and jumped (!?) onto the couch.  Soon, she was  asleep.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed when she woke up.  She remembered a pleasant, relaxing dream.  She'd had fur, whiskers, and a tail?  She was a little chilly now.  She opened her eyes and saw Kelli and Kirby.  Kirby was staring at her VERY intently.

"I'm sorry," said Kelli.  "I couldn't get him to go back to his room when you changed back." 

Changed back? wondered Lena.  What is she talking about.

And then, Lena looked down at herself.  She had curled up, brought her hands and knees up against herself.  And there was a feeling at the base of her spine, as if something had finished pulling itself back into her body.

But, most of all, Lena was suddenly aware that she was nude.  She saw her clothes laying in a pile not far from the couch, looking as if they had just dropped out and she had stepped out of them.

Lena sat up and grabbed her clothes.  "Kirby, please."

Kirby blushed a little, then turned around and left the room.  "The tea should be ready by now!" he called behind him.  While he was gone, Lena dressed herself.

Kirby came back with a tea set.  Steam wafted from the teapot.  Kirby put a bag in the cup, poured the tea, and handed the cup to Lena.

"This is delicious!" said Lena.  "What is it?"

Kirby smiled and said "Catnip tea."
Dogged Psychologist 01
Little did I or my psychologist of the 1970s know the effect my seeing her would have on me.  I imagine it's because I looked upon her as something of an authority figure, and few people are more fun to transform than authority figures.  As for her clothes disappearing, that was inspired by a "Sex in Cinema" installment of the June 1967 issue of Playboy, which was about the beginning of "The Nudies," and, in particular, The Immoral Mrs. Teas, one of Russ Meyer's first movies, about a man who hallucinated about women's clothing vanishing from their bodies.  This eventually included his psychiatrist.  The movie is on several places, in full, on the Internet.  Anyway, here are four pages inspired by my psychologist.  And, yes, I've had several fantasies along these same lines.  That issue of Playboy resulted in what I call a bad case of bennyhillitis.

Gina met the patient for their final session, in which she would determine if he needed to be committed.  He claimed to have magic powers, was a warlock, but his powers were gone due to some atmospheric conditions.  He said his powers would be back, today, and was insisting that they were real.  Gina asked for a demonstration.  He smiled, wickedly, and, suddenly, Gina knew something was WRONG!  She looked down at herself, and saw she was completely nude!  Her outfit, her shoes, her pantyhose, EVERYTHING was gone.

Gina covered herself with her clipboard, and reached over to push the button on her intercom to summon security.  "I don't know how you did this," she said.  "But I hope you'll feel my humiliation was worth it!  You're going to be locked up for a LONG time if I have anything to say about it!"

If you're interested, you can contact the artist here:
Dogged psychologist 02
Gina began to feel -- different.  The patient watched her with some amusement -- arousal? -- as  HUGE, LONG tongue suddenly slid out of her mouth and hung there.  Gina decided the best option would be to leave the office.  But, when she reached for the doorknob, her hand changed -- into a paw?  She quickly discovered she didn't HAVE hands anymore, they'd been completely replaced by paws!  There was no way she could turn the door knob now.  She stood there looking in dismay at her furry paws.  And she began to feel her feet making similar changes.  

But that was nothing when she felt her FACE begin to change!  Her nose pulled out, darkened, turned into a muzzle!  She felt the tops of her ears fold over and droop down below her neck.  Gina didn't have to look in a mirror to know -- she was changing into a DOG!

If you're interested, you can contact the artist here:
Dogged psychologist 03
The patient departs, leaving Gina with these words:  "You can return to your human form if you lick the lips that will enjoy it most."  

Gina puzzled over the meaning of this when Rita, her receptionist, entered the office.  "Well, hello," said Rita.  "Where did you come from?  Do you belong to Gina?"

Gina wanted so badly to say "I AM Gina!"  But all that came out where some pitiful barks and whines.  She surprised Rita by standing on her rear feet and licking Rita on the mouth.  Nothing happened and Gina began to worry that her status as a canine was doomed to be permanent.

"Well, we can't leave you here in the office," said Rita.  "I'll take you home with me for the night and ask Gina about you in the morning."

She led Gina out, and Gina tried some more to converse with Rita, trying to say "It's me, Gina!  I've been turned into a dog!  Help me, Rita!"

Rita took Gina to her home, making stops to get pet bowls and food.  She filled the bowls with water and Alpo.  It took some effort for Gina to eat the dog food, but she eventually got used to it.

After supper, Rita sat down to watch a DVD of the Chippendales dancers.  Gina detected a strong scent coming from between Rita's legs.  The lips that will enjoy it the most!  THOSE lips.  Gina stuck her nose into Rita's crotch.  Rita gasped a bit and then quickly pulled off her panties.  She leaned back, watched the DVD, and began to enjoy Gina's tongue.

If you're interested, you can contact the artist here:


Kim Metzger
United States
Former Staff Editor on Comics Buyer's Guide, now working for Uncle Sam at the USPS. Am a fan of comic books, cartoons, just about all female transformations (TG and female feline excluded).



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