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Icon - No Commies Please!

Icon -  No Commies Please!

(50 X 50 pixels) - PNG with transparency
Created in Photoshop

Bullet; Green Free to use Bullet; Green     :-) 

This icon was created from one of my artworks,
which is here in dA:  

       No Commies Please! by fmr0

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I thought Garfield IS the quintessential Communist... "from you according to you ability, to me according to my need"?
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Someone has already said the exact same thing,
and I have already answered to him just a few lines below.......
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Tord doesnt like this Tord 
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So What?    :unimpressed: 

Honestly, I couldn't care less.      IDC Dan edition     i Really don't care      Danisnotonfire 10 

I don't even even know who is, (or what is) "Tord".
Yet another random comics or cartoon, I guess....

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joke :<
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I'm surprised that Garfield is against Communism considering He's lazy doesn't like to compete with Odie and lives off of handouts.;) (Wink)  
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Good point there, I agree with you.
But the creator of Garfield is against communism.

As for Garfield himself, he is the perfect exemple not to follow:

he is a lazy bummer,  he is fat and stuffs himself with junk food.
he wallows all day long on his couch, eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping....

he seems to have a promiscuous life, several girlfriends, cheating on all of them.

he is very stingy, he always ask his girlfriends to pay for his dinner.

he is selfish and unreliable.

he is not faithful to his friends.

he is very demeaning with Odie.

and the list goes on.... 

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Icon - Patriotic Dog    Icon - Fox News     Stamp - OANN by fmr0     Icon - Trump for President by fmr0  

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Brilliant victory for Donald Trump!

Icon - Trump for President by fmr0   :D (Big Grin)
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No national socialists/alt-right either.
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I'm hungry, I want some lasagna without commies.
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      Garfield Going Mad by fmr0

Garfield is going mad: 
"Blimmey! I think I have seen a commie!"    :eekla:                  cockroach

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And no socialists either.
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No communists, no socialists, no anarchists, no progressives, no social democrats....
So many names they have....

NO LEFTISTS!!!   ;-)
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How aborable! 
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