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fMod 1.1.0 - Skin for Potplayer v.1.7.2710+

Based on:
- Skin for AIMP - Gilly Matt&Glossy by Zigar
- Splash style (Splash player v.1)
- flight style (flight skin)

Some buttons have action on "Right Click"

- Styles (image)
- Big Mode (image) - style for 4K resolutions

- Added the "Open Clipboard" item to the "Open" menu of the "Open File..." button

- Fixed displaying of the Time messages in the Audio Mode while the Zoom is used
- Fixed skin error in DVD and WDM modes
- Fixed skin error in DVD mode
- Skin file is renamed. Skin version moved to Title.txt
- Control panel - added skin settings:
   Progress Bar: 
    - Display remaining time
    - Display progress bar when hiding the skin
    - Display misc information by "Info on screen" button
   Youtube/HLS panel:
    - Hide Youtube/HLS panel
    - Hide video description
    - Hide download rate
- Control panel - right click on "Skin settings" button - menu with skin settings
- Skin Settings: Display "Preferences..." button
- Playlist "Close" button: change button function moved to DM Mode
- Gilly Style: the custom context menu was not displayed correctly on the latest versions of the player 
- Fix of the previous change. "Close" button did not change to "Exit" button
- New skin option: Move Title Bar if playlist is attached
- Playlist:  in fullscreen, if playlist attached - "Close" button - Exit player
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I signed up for this site just for this. There are old versions everywhere. Ladies and Gentlemen, the latest version of fmod is LEGEND.

Professional, Polished, Perfect ... Absolutely Amazing Artwork ... if you prefer AAA type of rating ;) Just the right thing for me!

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How did you create this? Which resources did you reference?

I'd like to modify the base PotPlayer skin.

awesome skin

in your next update can you give us a option to change remaining time from minutes to hours

for eg: 97:20 to 1:37:20

Awesome skin, everything is fine, execpt I don't understand what is the "AZ mode" and "DM mode" in skin settings.

I also have the problem like @ serrac6 with the the text in the search playlist box to be too small, when I used the "Big Mode" on my high-resolution display. I just tried it.

Maybe the devoloper can tried to fix it?

The Developer has already fixed that in the beta version of the player. Therefore, wait for the next update of the player.

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Great job! Love the GillyMat style. And this is the only theme I've found that works well with 4K screens.

I tried the setting for the 4k display. I follow the previous suggestion but the text in the search playlist box is small. Do I miss something?


There is a little misalignment with the play button under 4k monitor.


The Skin includes style for 4K resolutions, so

- Disable Zoom function: Potplayer - Preferences - General - Skin Control - Zoom - and set all "do nothing"

- Enable "Big Mode" in the skin:

fMod - Big Mode

@fMod Thank you for your suggestion.

Unfortunatelly I can't use that on regular basis, because everything is so big.


Disable Zoom function, set "Do nothing"


@fMod Thank you for your suggestion.

I tried it but this time everything look so small.


I tried also older version of your skin and the little misalignment with the play button is not present.

1. Disable the Zoom function as in the screenshot above:

set 'Do nothing' for All the windows

2. Enable 'Big mode':
Main menu - Skins - Touch Feature - Always use

3. Text size in the playlist:

Preferences - General - Playback - Playlist - Font Size

it's all

@fMod I followed your guide and everything is normal on my 4k display.

I respect your time and effort.

wow thank you

Thank you for proving one of the best skins for PotPlayer.

Please, allow me to make some suggestions. I am providing you a screenshot for that purpose.

1-Please, could you consider to have 1 picture, instead of 2 when we play audio files e.g. "mp3"? I think only the main picture is more than enought.

2-Please, could you consider to have default-same background colour when we play audio files, instead of random colours with each files? I think the colour, should be the same dark-grey like is in playlist window.

3-Currently I used PotPlayer 64 bit and the tracking time numbers are not showed at full, like the numbers (on the bottom) are slightly cut.

Suggest Skin
1. I do not want to change it
2. That is Potplayer doing, not a skin feature. That is just a blurred original album image and placed in the background.
3. I fixed it
But, I think, you need to use "Big mode" instead the Zoom function.
- Disable: Potplayer - Preferences - General - Skin Control - Zoom - and set "do nothing"
- then enable "Big mode"; look at screenshot -  fMod - Big Mode by fMod
(Potpalyer - Main Menu - Skins - Touch Feature - Always use)
I like this fMod skin, really great work!

Anyway, I'd like a new style / buttons, more flat, to fit the new Windows 10 dark mode style.

I'd request a new skin or find some existing skin, but fMod has many useful features and other skins don't have these, like GPU/CPU button, settings button, audio/subtitles button, remaining time, playlist info bar and total time of all items...

Could anyone edit the skin fMod (Gilly Glossy version) - images / style / buttons, to look more flat, Windows 10 dark mode style, more square buttons, less "rounded", please?

I'd like dark/black style with effects, as in the new Edge browser - or/and some metallic buttons version...

I asked the skin author and he approved the edit, you can add a note, that it's based on skin by D2NP, but it's not necessary.

If you want to edit the skin, just rename it, add ".zip" and unpack it and open image files (png, bmp) in any image editor, make changes, save, pack to .zip and rename to .dsf again to test it in PotPlayer.

Thanks in advance.
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