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Sorry to hear that may be the case.I wish him a speedy recovery.I love his artistry and hope he continues it in the future.

I suspect he's suffering from 'burn out'...? He must put so much effort into his art... and then he becomes disillusioned by how some people have treated his work... He may be 'out' for a while...

Much as I love this site and seeing your muscular women I would love to see more Uploaded materia😀l.

Hope you are fine, and see more of your uploads shortly.

I concur with Astenburg.Hope to see more of your amazing images shortly.🙂

Hallo fmbb7841,

wir hoffen sehr, dass Du nur eine Pause machst und uns bald mit deinen Entwürfen wieder beglückst, aber wir gönnen Dir die Auszeit natürlich. Danke nochmal für alle Deine Bilder... sehr inspirierend!


Trans: We really do hope that you are just taking a break, and that you will soon be gracing us with your designs once again...but we of course understand your need for a 'time-out'. Thanks again for all your images... very inspiring!