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Tower Heights

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Tower Heights, for a concert venue in San Diego.
Quick painting with a abstractish 3d base.
Will definitely develop it in the future when I have a minute! Would be a nice concept art piece at some point...
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Beauty in errors.
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I am not sure where is the high or the bottom, but I really like the colours and the work on perspective :clap:
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I like the angle of view you used. Love it!
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Thanks dude (wow late comment haha! sorry!)
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Thank you Lucas <3
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You're welcome, Finn :]
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oh man this is fudging awesome.
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sweet, im from SD! dude you're getting so great at this. this is probably my favorite piece from you.
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haha, thanks man, really glad you like em :)
The event is called Future Wednesdays if you're down. I am in Pasadena but would go if i ever visited lol
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This. Is freaking. Epic. Your skills are unrivaled 0.0
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damn it! depth is sweet !
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Thanks so much bro!
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great piece finnie :3!
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Really nice work finn :)
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Thanks Ishamz!! : D
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Yeah mate !! It rocks ! :) But... damn !! You work as a ninja :ninja: :)
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Thanks so much dude! Ninja?!? haha! I like ninjas, why am i a ninja ahaha
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