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The Siphon

For Desktopography 2011-
See some amazing and epic wallpapers here:
This is available up to 2560 wide PX on their website for a desktop wallpaper! Go download!

Made with Vue, Cinema 4D, and Photoshop- Wacom tablet was used for painting as well.
No stocks, all 3D!

Again, trying to incorporate mystery but this time with an asian theme.
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IT LOOKS SO realistic! Good job!
Really impressive. Very nice lighting. I like the detail of the sunshine just hitting the tip of the... Whatever is lying in the middle of the lake. 👏
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This picture is unbelievable, I prefer the blue lights on it and that magic rock ! Amazing !:)
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Wow fantastic scene, added to favs
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This is TOO amazing!
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Holy crab apples this is purely golden! :D I love it to death and back....Just thought you should know that.
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THanks so much :D
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Hi Finnian,

I'm writing a series of short stories (one planet per year), and in 2013 the planet will be an ancient world filled with ruins from a lost civilization. Would it be okay if I used this image as the thumbnail for one of the short stories in 2013? I would of course provide a link in the description to the original image, as well as credit you for it. Please let me know what you think. :)

Best regards,

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Definitely, thanks so much! I'm honored!!
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Hi Finnian,

Just wanted to let you know I finally finished the short story that included this ([link]). Sorry this took so long.

Best regards,

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Great job! Read through half, will finish later tonight.
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Thank you for reading! One thing I have learned through this is that on dA it doesn't pay to write stories with high word counts. In the future I'll try to limit mine to 1200-2000 words.
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The pleasure is all mine my friend :)
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I like the crystalish thing in the middle
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B-) very cool, I think you should have made the ripples in the water radiate out from the structure ;) but awesome work nonetheless!
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nice compositing , it sounds awesoùme
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Wow beautiful, love the composition :)
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Holy crap O:
It looks so real.
I could never do this xD
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