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October 8, 2011
Journey of the Atreidae by *fmacmanus is a stunning work in every detail with dazzling atmosphere and breath taking movement...
Featured by KeremGo
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Journey of the Atreidae

Journey of the Atreidae
serving Intrinsic Nature release 11 (Featured piece)

This is probably one of the most time consuming pieces i've ever done... I put alot of work into this so make sure to look at all the detail! Alot of people dont notice the camels and people on the bridge to the temple ;)

This is about technology vs religion, or traditions. I feel that even when the human race has achieved technology that will be able to get us anywhere, let us do anything we want, many will still follow the traditions of their ancestors... the power of religion and tradition will always live on.

Vue, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Wacom Intuos

Check out the epic release here:

The larger ship model is from JP115 on Google Warehouse


THANK YOU KEREM <3 SOOO much for the DD! Thanks everyone for the support :D
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Roninunofficial's avatar
Hi there! Really impressed with this photo, and I was wondering if I could use this as a cover image for one of my songs. In the song description, I will include links to both your profile here on DeviantArt and to this particular photo. Again, great picture, and thank you for your patience.
fmacmanus's avatar
No but thanks!
Majeo1's avatar
Kinda reminds me of Altered Carbon, great work!
Veninarius's avatar
This is gorgeous. I love the juxtaposition of traditional and scifi elements, and I agree that traditional ways of life won't vanish, but will merely adapt and adopt to the times
nurhao's avatar
<3 Falling from the sky 
danparquei's avatar
Exellent work. The statues guarding the temple give the whole scenery a more spiritual context
Ben-Redekop's avatar
Kugo14's avatar
Yooooo, this is amazing! How long did this take to create! So cool! :D
Net-Zone-Network's avatar
I don't think or he ant going to say, but i do agree with you on the other part, this art really is amazing....
mortwinder's avatar
The attention to detail is so impressive it's almost mind-boggling :) (Smile) 
Kudos :D (Big Grin) I can only imagine how much effort you must have put into this. 
jamest1945's avatar
Very well done. I especially like the Camel Train entering the city in the lower left. Wonderful attention to detail. 
Increible fotomantaje. Parece real
Tryharix's avatar
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... :0
Megaadair's avatar
Absolutely beautiful. 
0101dan0101's avatar
I don't know words that could describe correctly this work. It's unique and much evocative, poverful as image, conveying many symbols in one place..
haveyou's avatar
Fantastic! Incredible detail.  As you mentioned,  must've taken you forever.   
Randicus's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! This is one of my all-time favourite pieces. I often use it as a backdrop on my computer.
I do not know how anyone could miss the camels and people on the bridge, unless they have vision problems. At any rate, wonderful detail. The bird in the bottom right corner is a nice touch.
MagnanimousDude's avatar
Amazing!!!!!!!! N n 
Lamprea-R's avatar
It's great, but the ships ruin the perspective. It isn't clear if it's a huge ship, a smallish ship too close to the camera, gargantuan camels and people, or what. Still, great piece :)
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