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November 18, 2015
Gates to Sikri by fmacmanus
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by psoty
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Gates to Sikri

Our pilot crashlands on an alien planet, coming out of a narrow corridor and beholds this sight.
The people of Sikri take him in and show him their wondrous planet. What I was trying to depict is a mysterious wonder, something friendly but also aggressive.
The dangers of this area  - similar to its beauty- are abundant but unknown.

Final version of this one.
More exploration coming though! The interior will be designed too!
see more of my work over at
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Alien, lovecraftian and yet beautiful

nayosso's avatar
jumpugly's avatar
Just a tremendous piece!!!!!!
Spoof-Ghost's avatar
Wauw this so colorful awesome
B3Three's avatar
This is incredible and magical :D I love all your work! Notice me senpai :3
nudagimo's avatar
Amazing work! I love the colors! :clap: Congrats on your DD! 
synax444's avatar
cosmicbound's avatar
Brilliant and vivid colours, evocative scenery! Nice patterns in the composition too. :)
Thubakabra's avatar
Wow, these colors are amazing! :D
JeeJoo's avatar
i wish i can play a rpg some day with enviroment art like tis
sevira's avatar
I love the use of colour in this piece.
LimeWub's avatar
Wow, you got daily dev! Good job finn! :D
GottaGoFeast's avatar
I quite like the weather in this alien planet. The colors make it feel like both air and underwater, at least to me. The tower-like structure looks a bit too threatening, though. Maybe there could be some alien flowers over the entrance and a small yard of sorts to make it appear more welcoming. It's a delicate balance between beautiful and creepy, so no biggie.
The-Kodama's avatar
Sooooo great ! *w*
Tineelaze's avatar
It looks perfect Meow :3 
Ururuty's avatar
awesome colors and mood!
SpareTimeWorks's avatar
I love fantasy art and this picture is absolutely gorgeous.
DrJem's avatar
This is truly gorgeous.  Just looking at it sucks me in, the colors are otherworldly but natural.  The whole piece is just immersive and the more you  look it the more your eyes move around the piece sucking into the detail.  Amazing!
FloofyCatCrochet's avatar
This is amazing... it really feels like another world.  I love it! :D
jflaxman's avatar
This really feels like a glimpse of another world!
TheWarOfTheRing's avatar
Why do I have a bad feeling about going in there...

Congrats on the DD, btw, this looks amazing :D
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