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Whenever you have questions or suggestions about our group, Please just ask us! We'll be glad to help you out in any way we can.

Also, can you please give a llama to our group? fma-artandliterature.deviantar… Just for the fun of it. :aww:


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:salute:Welcome to #FMA-ARTandLITERATURE!:salute:

~ This group is for anybody who loves Fullmetal Alchemist.
Be it from the manga, the first adaptation, Conqueror of Shamballa, Brotherhood, Star of Milos and all FMA games. ~

The group was created to showcase any kind of ART and LITERATURE works that relates to FMA.

Feel free to submit, we respect any kind of art submitted here. Because we believe that every work is special, no matter what it looks like and what's it about. Practice makes perfect and you'll keep on improving. A great way to do that is by sharing it around.

~ To join, firstly you have to like FMA since this is a group that's dedicated to it.

Then just press " join our group " which is just located at the top center of the group's main page and We're happy to have another fellow fan with us!

~ Remember to always respect your fellow members and have fun!

~ To submit, you have to be a member of this group. Then go to our gallery and submit your art by pressing (+) sign shown at the right corner of your chosen folder.

Remember, No stolen works. Keep it unique.

You can submit as many times as you like. But...

Remember, please submit them to the Proper Folder!:
~ Since this group mostly automatically accepts any kind of works relating to FMA. It's quite hard trying to maintain it's folders organized.

By any chance you made a mistake, don't worry, it's natural and people make mistakes. We check the folders daily, so if something's misplaced, it will be moved to the proper folder.

~ We have less problems with this, for that we thank you.

~ Just a little Info about the Folders. All literacy works goes to folder depending on the main character of your work. More info about the folders, here:fma-artandliterature.deviantar…

:bulletblue: Here are the rules for submitting blogs.
~This a global group, so it has to be in English.
~ Make sure to use spell-check and check your grammar before submitting.
~ Well, it has to be about FMA since this is a group that's dedicated to it.

:bulletred: This is kind'a experimental at the moment, but the idea is for members to be allowed to use our blogs for their personal contest or if you heard about some news about FMA that you wish to share.
:bulletred: Member blog entries will be voted on by the admins. A majority of votes decides whether or not the entry is accepted.
:bulletred: Please give each blogger at least a week to feature his/her blog. We will not accept any blogs till then.
:bulletred: First one to submit a blog comes first! Sending us a note first would be great.

:points: Donations Anyone? :points:

Here's our Point Donation Account
: :iconfma-art-and-lit-pnts:

The amount of points you give doesn't have to be that high. If everyone can contribute, even just a single point can help us in achieving our goal. Know that, every :points: you give will all be used for this group. Aside from helping me renew our group subscription, the remaining points will be used to fund our Monthly Theme Challenges and in our Main Contests. It can also be used in our future events that I'm currently discussing with the other admins. With that, every donation will surely help us a lot! Thanks in advance! :happybounce:  

~ As an added bonus, I'll feature everyone who donates here! :squee:

Here's are the Generous People that has offered :points: donations for our group:


~ Thank you so much~ :salute:

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Fanart FMA by lunoka
Elric Brothers by Sen-Elric
Brothers by WillmaCarter
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inexplicable fate by KIMJIMWO
Carry my child, light up my way - Royai Cosplay by Artemisia-Amore
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Watermelonnnnn by cheri-salmon
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Do you get it? by SpamCrackers
FMAB- Eduard Elric by NicteJeffMephiles
Happy Father's Day by ArchOfHope
Alexander Louis Armstrong vs. Maito Gai by ScarecrowsMainFan
Update: The last episode of the Second Season of Gin no Saji is now up! Here's the Eleventh episode:…

This Contest is a collaboration between Our group, FMA-ARTandLITERATURE and our affiliate, SilverSpoonFan!

Greetings Dear Members and all you wonderful visitors! It's this time of the year again and I would like to take this moment to say...

:party: Our Group, FMA-ARTandLITERATURE, is now officially Two Years old! :party:

(( Second Year Anniversary ))

    Time does really fly by so fast, I can't believe it's already been another year. Ha ha, although I still feel like I just created this group a few days ago. I never really thought that this group would ever be what it has become now since I really didn't know how to run a group from the beginning. So I'm very happy to see this group continue to grow up till now and it's all thanks to you, you who has contributed in the group's development. So with all my heart, I wish to thank everyone of you for being part of this group!

As a present, why don't we start our Eight Contest?

(( Entries ))

~ We finally have our Fourth entry! Members, remember that you can submit 3 entries per category! So if ever you have more ideas on what you can do for this contest, feel free to submit an entry again~ :nod:

:bulletred: CONTEST ENTRY: Saya, Roy, and Haciken Yugo by Blackcatshadow234 by :iconblackcatshadow234: :iconemptyspaceplz: :bulletred: Contest entry~ by cheri-salmon by :iconcheri-salmon:

:bulletyellow: Riza Hawkeye by Ookami-Yuki by :iconookami-yuki: :iconemptyspaceplz: :bulletyellow: FMA x Silver Spoon: The Weight of a Life by HitanTenshi by :iconhitantenshi:

:bulletred: Fullmetal Famer and the Pork Bowl Alchemist- P1The alarm clock went off and Edward Elric rolled over in bed.  He would’ve liked to just shut it off and go back to sleep until noon, wake up fully rested and get a big brunch to stuff his face with.  That would be paradise, but it wasn’t his life.
No, Edward Elric led a much different life.
“Come on, Ed, get up!  You have a stable to clean out before sunrise.  Get moving.”
Ed groaned and shoved a pillow over his head in a vain attempt to drown out the voices.
“Leave me alone,” he moaned.
He heard a laugh.
“No can do, buddy.  We have to get up and so do you!”
The pillow was forcibly pulled from his grip along with the blankets.  The next thing Ed knew, he was being bodily removed from the bed by his roommates, each one grabbing a leg.  Ed yelped as he flew to the floor, pain shooting through the shoulder he landed on.  He struggled with the insatiable urge to start strangling Beppu and Nishkawa to d
and Fullmetal Farmer and the Pork Bowl Alchemist- P2A chorus of explosions ripped through the peace and calm of Central command, if such could ever exist in a military compound.  Hachiken Yugo blinked his eyes twice, adjusting to the smoke and rubble that surrounded him on every side and went on forever.  Around him, soldiers screamed inaudible orders to their platoons and rushed to defend the fort from the invaders.  Hachiken found himself stuck without a place to go.  It just figured that this would happen on a day he was back in town.
Hachiken’s ears became attuned to the child-like voice approaching him.
“Al, what’s going on?” Hachiken demanded of his brother.
“Looks like the homunculi are invading.” Al looked just as pleased with the current developments as Hachiken was.  “The Colonel is calling for everyone on hand to come and defend the base, especially alchemists.”
He gave Hachiken a knowing look, quite a feat considering his
by :iconartemis-day:

(( #FMA-ARTandLITERATURE's Eight Contest ))

   It's also been a year since our last contest. I am hoping that you were looking forward to this as much as I have. I've given a lot of thought about it since last year. Especially about what theme we'll be having for this year will be. I was still honestly thinking about it moments ago. You see, the theme I originally had in mind last year was actually different.

  I've received some suggestions for a Crossover Contest. I do love the idea as well, I really do. But unfortunately, I can't. Why is that? Well... Unlike the Monthly Theme Challenges and other events that are decided by voting. Official Group Contests are different, because the contest winners are decided by judging and if I do allow any show to mash up with Fullmetal Alchemist then the judges would be in a disadvantage wherein we might not know what the other show is, so our decisions might not be fair since we know little or not even know about it, so please understand.

Yet since I had received quite a number of suggestions asking for a crossover theme. I gave it some thought and I came to a decision that we could do it with a limitation to what the mash up will be and since it's July, I thought of an idea that can give this Crossover Theme a try.

If this Crossover Contest will end up well, I'll think about trying a more broader range of choices to mash up with Fullmetal Alchemist next time.

But before I say the theme, let's first start of with the usual Rules and Guidelines that we have to follow like in our past contests and events.

(( Guidelines and Rules ))

:bulletblue: You have to be a member of this group to be able to join this contest.
:bulletgreen: Your entries must follow the given theme and it must be newly made. All deviations submitted to the contest that's been made before July, 21, 2013, will not be accepted.
:bulletblue: Also we would greatly appreciate it, if you can kindly add in your entries description that it is for this contest by either adding our group, FMA-ARTandLITERATURE's name or by linking it back to this blog. Making a Journal/Poll telling this contest on your page and/or adding this blog to your favorites is also encouraged but not required.
:bulletgreen: Please Submit all entries to the, Contest Entries Folder so we can easily see your entry and keep them organized.
  ~~ By any chance you misplaced your entry or submitted it to the wrong folder, please leave a comment below this blog or note the group so we'll move it for you.
  ~~ and yes, you can replace your previous entry to a new one but it must be before the deadline and you have to contact me or comment below so that I know that you've switched entries.
:bulletblue: Just so you know, I don't accept Gender Bending for contests. Mature Submissions are fine but keep them filtered! And please avoid any inappropriate things like explicit scenes or really gory stuff. Yes, I know FMA has it's share of blood and I'm pretty alright with that just please don't be too brutal or offensive.
:bulletgreen: Though this group focuses more on Fan Arts and Fan Fictions. Feel free to Cosplay, Craft or even Bake something if you're up to it. This group is very open to most forms/mediums of Art. So please go ahead and surprise us.
  ~~  Any form of art style, Traditional or Digital, be it Anthro, Chibi or anything else will be accepted as long it's about FMA and if it follows our theme. Sketches are also allowed but are not advised. Show us an entry that you're proud of. It doesn't have to be colored either, it can just be neatly shaded. Backgrounds are not required but it is encouraged. Just do your best and Have fun. That's the most important part.
  ~~  For the Literature Entries, you are allowed to have up to three chapters and it must be in English so that majority of the members/visitors can read it
:bulletred: However, the use of Bases, Motivational/Demotivational Posters or any Screen cap scenes of either FMA Animes/Games/Manga/Movies, Manga scans and Anime Screen Caps from Silver Spoon are not allowed. Especially Stealing Artwork/Stories from other artists, If you are caught, you are automatically disqualified and I will have a word with you, deciding whether or not to expel your membership in the group and/or reporting you.
:bulletblue: Any official character from both Fullmetal Alchemist and Silver Spoon can be used and you can also use your Original/Fan made Characters if you think he/she will fit well with the theme. Just Remember to have at least one character from EITHER Series be with them.
:bulletgreen: You can have up to 3 entries for each category. But to give the other members a fair chance, only one of your entries will be eligible to win a prize.

:bulletred: The new Deadline is on September, 15, 2014 Sorry this contest ended up being reaaally long because of my health condition. ^^;

:bulletblack: Judging will then take place after I announced that the contest is officially closed.
~ Why are Contests Judged? The reason why the winners are decided mostly by the admins and volunteers is that it's gives the participants a more fair fight since voting can be a disadvantage to those who is new to this website and members that has less watchers and friends online. It's also gives us a chance to fully evaluate the entries.

Yes, we honestly do really appreciate the Aesthetic Beauty of an entry. Everyone loves a beautiful, neat and colorful piece. But here, we take more priority on how much it can relate to the theme. Like for instance, a drawing that could tell a heartwarming story or a well written story that we can feel the atmosphere and the emotions from it's very words, A photo that can let you see another world or make you recall some wonderful memories in making/crafting it and Yes, I am very poetic. Ha ha, Sorry, that was random, I just wanted to test if you were really reading this.

But I am serious about how we judge the entries. Any person, no matter what 'level' their work might be, will be given a chance to win this contest. We judges just want to see you do your best and enjoy this contest.

Also, to my dearest Admin Team, it's your call if you want to judge this contest with me and 04Dusk29 or join the contest as well. But know that if you do join, you can not be a judge for this contest. As for you members, if you wish to help judge the contest with us, please leave a note either to me or to the group. :)    

:bulletred: The Evaluation of the Entries can last as early as Three days or may last up to a week AFTER the Deadline. It depends on how many entries we have and how fast can I get the Response coming from the other judges. The winners would be announced in a new group blog, the day after we finished the evaluations.

Now that I said most of the basic Guidelines and Rules regarding our Contest, why don't we proceed to the theme? Actually, if you read this all and paid attention to it, You might have actually saw that I already said the theme beforehand.

With that done... our Eight Contest and Second Year Anniversary's theme is a Crossover between...

 photo FMAxSilverSpoonCrossoverContest_zps83e37a8d.png

You saw it right. This Year's contest would be about Hiromu Arakawa's most popular and one of her latest works. A Crossover between Fullmetal Alchemist and Silver Spoon! This might actually be the very first crossover contest between this two awesome Mangas and now, Anime adaptations, so I am quite anxious and excited about how will you try this theme out.

I don't know if you noticed or not since I'm not even sure if you knew that this two different manga's were created by one person. But Silver Spoon, (Also known as Gin no Saji) has recently been Animated by A-1 Pictures, just this July 11th! I also heard that there is a chance that there will be a Live Action Film about it soon as well.

Since I was still having a dilemma on what theme we'll do this year and since I just recently watched the First two episodes of Gin no Saji and with some members requesting for a Crossover Contest... I thought this would be a great chance to introduce this Anime and even though it has a lot of differences, you can really see the relation between Silver Spoon and Fullmetal Alchemist. You can even see it through the characters appearances and expressions. ;p

Though Silver Spoon is more based on Modern times, it also has it's share of problems and troubles as we saw on Fullmetal Alchemist. Though I admit that it is somewhat lighter since those problems mostly involve Farming Life, Fitting in, in school, Dreams and Family matters. But don't judge it by how it seems to be! You'll even be surprise on how 'dark' yet meaningful it's story is as well.

As much as you first gave a chance to read/watched and even played the games from Fullmetal Alchemist. I hope you'll give Silver Spoon a try as well. Who knows, you might even enjoy reading and/or watching it!

:bulletred: If you're new to Silver Spoon and would like to give it a chance...
~ You can read the manga here:…
~ And You can watch the Anime here:
(ep. 1)…  (Series Opening)
(ep. 2)…
(ep. 3)…
(ep. 4)…
(ep. 5)…
(ep. 6)…
(ep. 7)…
(ep. 8)…
(ep. 9)…
(ep. 10)…
(ep. 11)…  (Season 1 Finale)
(ep. 12)…  (Season 2 Beginning)
(ep. 13)…
(ep. 14)…
(ep. 15)…
(ep. 16)…
(ep. 17)…
(ep. 18)…
(ep. 19)…
(ep. 20)…
(ep. 21)…
(ep. 22)…  (Season 2 Finale)

Having some problems on how to make an entry or need some example ideas for this Crossover?

Well, I won't say much because I'm pretty sure that most of you might not heard about it before or just weren't interested in Silver Spoon before but had a change of heart, so I don't want to give away much spoilers. You can imagine any scene you wish to do as long as there is at least one character from either Fullmetal Alchemist and/or Silver Spoon. You can also just draw them together.

It can still be FMA Biased since I don't want to force you to watch Silver Spoon if you aren't interested, an example of that is: What if during Edward and Alphonse's journey, they passed by a Farming School and they saw some farm animals attacking causing trouble to someone, Let's say it was Yugo Hachiken (Silver Spoon's main character) and the brothers helped him or it could also be as simple as the brothers were just lost and they just randomly ask one of the characters from Silver Spoon for directions. It could even be a picture of Black Hayate and a piglet by each other side.

But if you want more complicated examples...Well you can make your entry AU (Alternate Universe) to put it simple, it doesn't have to be entirely the same as the Original story's plot. For example you can let any character from Silver Spoon live life in the FMA world. Let's say they lived in Risembool or Central City, then you can freely imagine any idea on what they could be doing but as an example, they could be a farmer in the fields in the countryside or Soldiers in the Military. Be creative and do what you feel is best for them~

Likewise It can also be the opposite in which characters from Fullmetal Alchemist can also be students from Silver Spoon's Hokkaido Ooezo Agricultural High School. From there, you can make the characters from FMA be athletic. smart, diligent or helpless and amusing students. They could even be teachers, imagine Major Armstrong as a PE Instructor and partner him up with that certain 'someone' Ha ha, if you don't know who that is, you'll find out as early as watching Gin no Saji's first episode. I don't want to Spoil you the surprise so find out about it yourself. :lol:

I won't give much examples anymore since I might actually say your idea and that wouldn't be fun. Feel free to make up your own entry as you see fit and surprise us.

Ah, but before I forget THIS IS IMPORTANT Simply showing... Let's say Roy Mustang was a farming student that's in the equestrian club (If you noticed the joke. Yes, I did that intentionally. Ha ha, Just catching your attention again. :XD:) or seeing Yugo Hachiken wear the blue military uniform is enough. Your entry doesn't have to have one character from both series. As you can see in that example, it only requires at least one character from either Manga/Anime to make them related to the point that I can count it as a crossover since I just want to make it easy for everyone to relate to. Despite knowing Silver Spoon or not. :)

Just Be creative, inspiration is bound to come your way~  Especially since the prizes are coming up. :la:  

(( Prizes ))

~ It still has Four places, but unlike our Monthly Theme Challenges. There is no Artist's Pool and Writer's Pool. Like our Seventh contest, if you wish to donate a prize, it will count as your individual offer. See the actual examples below.
~ If you wish to help give out prizes, then I'll be very grateful for your contribution. Know that since this is a major contest, you'll be getting a lot of attention as well so it may also benefit you if you're looking for more exposure or you could also do it in good will since it's fun contributing a prize as well. It makes contests more interesting.
~ The prizes can be: Offering a drawing/writing request, Giving out Premium Memberships or Points, Physical Prizes that can be mailed to the winners, Journal Features or even as simple as giving the winners/participants a llama if you haven't already! Advertising the Group and/or this Contest also helps~ Even with just those small things will greatly help us out a lot. We need all the help we can get to make this contest even better! :nod:

:bulletyellow: The Two Runner Ups from the Art Category and Literature Category will each receive;
 ~ Your work will be featured in our collection, Contest Winners
~ 75 :points: from 11KairiMayumi11
~ A Drawing request/Feature/Llama from 11KairiMayumi11
~ A Chibi drawing request/Llama from 04Dusk29
~ Llama from FMA-ART-and-LIT-PNTS

:bulletyellow: The Winner of the Art Category will receive;
~ Your work will be featured in our collection,  Contest Winners
~ A Three Month Premium Membership or 500 :points: from 11KairiMayumi11
~ A Drawing request/Feature/Llama from 11KairiMayumi11
~ A Chibi drawing request/Llama from 04Dusk29
~ Llama from FMA-ART-and-LIT-PNTS

:bulletyellow: The Winner of the Literature Category will receive;
~ Your work will be featured in our collection, Contest Winners
~ A Three Month Premium Membership or 500 :points: from 11KairiMayumi11
~ A Drawing request/Feature/Llama from 11KairiMayumi11
~ A Chibi drawing request/Llama from 04Dusk29
~ Llama from FMA-ART-and-LIT-PNTS

:bulletyellow: Also, all participants who entered last year would get a mystery gift from the group as soon as this contest officially ends as both an apology for the long delay and as a thank you for your patience with me. :aww:

(( Prize Contributors ))

With that done, I officially announced this Contest OPEN! ~ Have fun with our Eight/Second Year Anniversary Contest everyone! We'll be looking forward to seeing your entries!

... And again, Thank you for being part of the group up. I wish I could thank all 700+ members personally but that might take awhile. Ha ha~ But seriously wow, I never knew the group will reach this numbers and it's even increasing as time goes by. I... I'm just really thankful that this group has grown so much since I started it for fun. Thank you so much for everything! I hope you'll continue to support the FMA and it's Fandom. Remember to have fun within the group as well! Expect some Group Updates soon.

  If you have any questions regarding this contest or the group in general. Please, feel free to ask by leaving a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm still feeling a little bit under the weather because of my health condition but I'll be hanging around. Just want to tell you that in case that I don't reply to you sooner. That's also the reason why I kinda announce this contest a little late. =p But I do feel fine so ask away anytime! :aww:

Hope you'll enjoy the Contest! Have a good day~ :la:

 photo Arakawa_zpsfea04e81.png

From the Group's Founder; 11KairiMayumi11
More Journal Entries


:bulletblue: The criteria for making us an affiliated group is quite simple., Just send over a request. :bulletblue:

Although we are a group that focuses more on deviations that are Fullmetal Alchemist based, we welcome anyone who wishes to affiliate with us with open arms. Be it if you're a well known group or just starting out. Let's help each other get even more renowned by spreading around deviantART or even elsewhere and when the time comes, I hope we can help each other grow as well by doing partnerships in contests and events.

Just send a note in our group if ever you want us to help you in organizing a contest or an event in your group and we'll think of ideas we can do for our groups, together.

:salute: Thank you for affiliating with us. :salute:



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But mostly of them be parents to Ed and Al especially Roy as father figure to the brothers. Along with Roy and Riza be like grandparents to kids of Ed & Winry well as Al & Mei.
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to the Fan Fiction Site I was trying to up load a Story I couldn't find the paring I needed I am confused.
Its been so long sense I put in a story I just don't know anymore plus its probably not all that great anyways.

OMG Sorry i saw the folder i am sorrry!!! Really I am :o dang it I need to be more Observant or just put on my
glasses ^^'
otaku4lifefairytail Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
by look at these awesome art work i would love to part of the groupAsuna Praying Icon i really do hope i get in 
Animoholic-Redux Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I THINK my submissions are pending. it would be reaaly nice if someone accepts all those..
AlucornAlchemist Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Thank you soo much for requesting my new fanfic to be part of your gallery!! I've been trying to get that story around so it means a lot ;Д;
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